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"As Relief Society leaders and all of us as members catch the vision and the excitement of Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment meeting and act out of the resultant enthusiasm, we will grow in testimony and spiritual strength. We will come closer to our Savior and know how to build homes where He can dwell." -Virginia U. Jenson


alt Book Club
alt Child Playgroup
alt Crochet/Knitting Group
alt Early Morning Temple Group
alt Emergency/Family Preparedness
alt Enrichment Activity Ideas
alt Fellowshipping Socials: Firesides, Girl's night out, etc.
alt FYC (Fill Your Cup) by Pam Berg
alt Freezer Meal Enrichment Group
alt Freezer Meal Group by Cindee Alexander
alt Health & Exercise - Yoga, Pilates, relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, healthy eating
alt Humanitarian
alt In the kitchen with....
alt Life Quilt - a one year project
alt Memories/Scrapbooking
alt Mommy & Me
alt Monthly Lunch Bunch
alt Music/Literature/Cultural
alt PHD Group (Projects Half Done) by Christine Layton
alt Spiritual Development
alt Walking Group
alt Welcome to the Straightway Mall
alt What we do...
alt Women's Health Education


8 Cow Enrichment Night
alt A Night in the Orient
alt All about mealtime by Vicki MacLay - lots of printables
alt Back to School Enrichment Night
alt Bread in a Bag
alt Chocolate Appreciation
alt Choose Ye This Day HOW Ye Will Serve
alt Dare to live happily ever after by Brenda
alt Dr. Seuss Night
alt Emma's Garden Party
alt Emotional Health - "Chicken Soup for the Soul"
alt Gnome Sweet Gnome
alt GSI: Grime Scene Investigation
alt Hollywood Squares/LDS Squares
alt Home Can Be A Heaven on Earth
alt Home, Family & Purse'onal Enrichment 
alt How to be a 10 cow woman
alt Making Plates
alt Mall Activity
alt Midnight Madness
My Fair Lady
alt Other Enrichment Ideas
alt Purse Theme by Kellie Lyon 
alt Rice Bags
alt RSU - Relief Society University
alt Self-Reliance ~ Project Noah
alt Service Auction
alt Service Swap
alt Survivor Enrichment Activity
alt Survivor Night
alt The Hundred Dresses

alt The Life of Joseph Smith by Amy Barfuss
alt This Little Piggy by Jenni Smith
alt Tribute to Mothers


alt E-Vite - If you have the e-mail addresses of your sisters, this is a free service that allows you to create a customized e-mail and they can even send an RSVP response letting you get an idea of how many might be attending.
Enrichment Night Ideas
Enrichment Night Ideas on each area of Relief Society
Enrichment Reminder Ideas
Top 10 Reasons To Attend your Relief Society Activities
Top 10 Reasons To NOT Attend your Relief Society Activities


alt Home, Family, and Personal Enrichment Meeting Agenda


alt Sister Priscilla Perfect by Barb Bennett - Barb wrote this skit to dispel the myth of Sister Perfect!


alt Catchy Craft Night Names
alt Scrapbook Picture Frames and Other Goodies
alt Six Super Saturday Ideas
alt Some Quiet Book Ideas
alt Super Saturday Craft Ideas


alt Christy's Clipart Enrichment Night Ideas
alt LDS About

Comments (3)
  • melinda


    I just tried to click on the Enrichment Websites and it said it couldn't find it. Do you happen to have the list of the Enrichment websites?

    I was just called as the activity person in R.S. in my ward, and any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • young women 405

    sugardoodle is so awesome because my young women leader get's a lot of ideas for young women and there are really fun and amazing ideas and so much fun to do.
    :D :lol: :-) ;-) :lol: :-)

  • Molly Dench

    Hi I have recently become a member and have been called as 2nd Councillor in RS, I need ideas how to run a Survival september Activity, for the sisters, 72 hrs packs etc, can anybody give me any Ideas Thankyou

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