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Daniel in the Lion's DenWhen you need to know an answer to a question, whom do you ask? When you are hurt, who can help you? When you are sad, who can comfort you? In the scriptures, we read of men, women, and children who prayed to Heavenly Father when they had questions or needed help.

One that we are going to talk about today is Daniel.  This isn't a made up story, it really happened....a long time ago.  Daniel lived in a busy city near the king’s palace. He prayed daily for guidance even though the law said that people who prayed would be thrown into a den of hungry lions.

STORY: Tell the story of Daniel in your own words, emphasizing that he knew the importance of prayer (see Daniel 6).  You could even use the following flannel board figures: Click here

ACTIVITY: Bring some large sandals and ask a child to stand in “Daniel’s shoes” and tell how he/she would feel if he/she were Daniel and about to be cast into the lions’ den. Who would help him/her?

FILELion Cards - You can edit the situations to be applicable to the needs of your Primary children and/or make more cards.

Print out the above file of cards which contain situations your Primary children might face that would require them to have courage to resist and choose the right.  Select children to come up and stand in the sandals, choose a card, and tell what a modern-day Daniel would do.

HANDOUT:  Lion Puppet.

SONG: Teach the children verse eight of "Follow the Prophet":

Daniel was a prophet, he refused to sin;
So the king threw Daniel in the Lion's Den.
Angels calmed the lions, and the king soon saw,
Daniel's pow'r was great for he obeyed God's law.


SUMMARY: Share your testimony  that we can pray to Heavenly Father anytime, anywhere. Just as Heavenly Father heard the prayers of the people in the scriptures, Heavenly Father hears our prayers today, and He answers them in ways that will be
for the best.

OPTIONAL:  If Family Home Evening Video Supplement 2 is available, show “Heavenly Father Answers Prayers,” a three-minute segment (Video Clip #5).


 September 1998 Primary Sharing Time 

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