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by Jennifer Johnson / ga07152008

Here is something I've come up with for my teenage daughter and her friends to go do. It is an easy file to change ideas and switch things out for when they want to go again.  The second part of the the activity is shorter since I haven't given it more time. I was trying to make sure that their actions would not get them in trouble with mall security, etc. Living in Las Vegas the outdoor activities are limited in the summer due to the excess heat. This way she can have fun, not spend money, and be in an air conditioned environment. 


Find these items and document them with your camera.


Take a picture with a good looking guy.

Take a picture with someone from a mini booth in the middle of the mall.

Name of a worker at a perfume counter: _______________________________________

Name of a worker at Orange Julius: __________________________________________

Name of a worker at Cinnabon: ______________________________________________

Name of a worker at Zumiez: _______________________________________________

Get a picture of 2 people holding hands.

Take a picture of a mannequin with red hair.


Try on a black formal gown.

Try on a BIG hat.

Try on some BIG platform shoes.

Coordinate a winter outfit and try it on.  Gloves, scarf, jacket, etc.

Try on a pair of yellow shoes.

Find a very small purse.

Find some lavender slippers.

Find a pair of polka dot socks.


Find a funny birthday card.

Try on a pair of purple sunglasses.

Take a picture of some salt and pepper shakers.

Find a Jonas Brothers CD.

How much is a pomegranate scented candle?

What toppings/dips are there at Pretzelmaker?

Obscure Behavior Scavenger Hunt:

Sing a song in the food court

Read a page of a book or magazine out loud

Have a race with some toys.

Use a straw to hand a napkin to your friend.

Go down the escalators and up the escalators 6 times in a row.

Trade one of your shoes with your friend while riding in the elevator.  Walk out of the elevator 10 steps and then go back in and trade shoes back while changing floors again.

Take a picture of your friend hugging themselves in the elevator.

Ask one of the perfume ladies to spray the back of this paper with the perfume sample.

Stop and primp in front of a store window that shows your reflection good.

Lay on the bed displays inside Sears, etc.

Ask a sales rep how many large towels can be washed together in a front loader washing machine.

Ask several food stores if they give samples of their food.  Obviously try any you can.

Try on more than 10 necklaces at one time and 5 rings.

Let the sample lady put the lotion, etc on your hands.  Ask her all sorts of questions.

Comments (15)
  • kaitlin

    that sounds like a lot of fun to do!!!! :D :-)

  • rylee

    I might do it for my birthday!:D

  • tayler

    im gonna do this on weekends with my bffs!!! :lol: :-)

  • Mia

    im doing this tomorrow with my best friends :) thank you for the idea. especially when no one has money to really shop this is a fun alternative and we still get to chill in the mall :) :lol: :roll: :roll: thank you

  • Mia

    I'm doing this my best friends tomorrow :lol: thanks so much for the idea. Especially when no one has any money this is an awesome alternative and we still get to hang out in the mall :roll: Thank you soo much! its different and fresh and fun!

  • Cheezcurd

    Thx so much!!!!! :lol: :D

  • Unicornlovermariah  - Excitedd.

    I'm gonna do this. Legittt, I WANNA. :woohoo:

  • sierra

    ha ha this list is awesome..definetly going to do this for my birthday party :lol: :cheer:

  • Ivy Grace  - Cheerleaders

    great ideas for the cheerleaders i am taking to the mall ! Thanks :) :!: :!:

  • Maya  - Today!

    I'm doing that for my birthday tonight!!!! :woohoo: :side: :) :P

  • Anonymous

    This Sounds So Rediculously Fun! must Get Done

  • Marissa  - Thank you!

    This is great! Can't wait to do this for my daughter's birthday this weekend:)

  • Anonymous

    thanks for ALL the great ideas i cant wait to do this this weekend for my sisters 16th birthday:)P) :P :) :cheer:

  • hannah  - thanks

    THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH i cant wait till my sisters sweet 16 this weekend we will use your GRAND ideas:) :) :cheer: :P

  • Norini

    I am doing thi :woohoo: :lol: :D :kiss: s tommorow at the mall i did it two days ago with different suggestions one you should do also is flirt with a manikn it is hilarious to se others reactions :P :huh: :woohoo: :whistle: :evil: :X :angry: :cheer:

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