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by Jen Williams  / ga071102008

I just used this Sharing Time this past week and it went well. I compared missionary work to fishing. I started out by asking what you needed to bring when we went fishing and then compared the items to what you would need if you went fishing for souls to convert to the gospel.

Fishing License = permission to preach/fish (notice permission has the word mission already in it)

Fishing Vest = Mission clothing (professional fishermen wear a vest/a full-time missionary wears a suit, but you don't have to wear a suit to be a missionary)

Tackle Box/Bait = Scriptures (Many lures are shiny like the scriptures and the stories inside are very appealing to most souls)

Pole = missionary (It is what brings the gospel to people/fish)

Hook = Jesus (It is what catches and sinks into the fish/soul...notice a hook is shaped in the shape of "J")

We then read Matthew 4:18 - 19 and talked about what being "fishers of men" meant.

From here Junior Primary used a fishing pole with a magnet to "catch" fish that had ideas written on them that they could use to be a missionary (example: invite a non-member to a baptism, ward party, or primary activity... be a good friend... share a scripture)

In Senior Primary we talked about the different type of fish that you can catch and how they are similar to the different types of people they might be teaching as a missionary and what types of things they could say or do to help them accept the gospel.

Rainbow Trout = Someone who already thinks their life is happy without the about eternal families and how you can be happy eternally with the gospel.

Brown Trout = Someone who is scruffy or down on their about the blessings you have received from being a member of the church.

Cut Throat Trout = Wicked or Sinful about the Atonement and how you can repent for your sins and be saved.

Perch = Someone who is on the fence and can't really decide if they want the gospel in their lives...suggest they take the Book of Mormon challenge (Read the Book Of Mormon and really pray to know for sure if it is true.)

Small Mouth Bass = Very shy their friend and keep inviting them to activities so they can feel really connected to the ward and its members

Large Mouth Bass = Very outgoing and social people...invite to ward activities and show them the fun side of the gospel and its membership.

Finally, we talked about even if people don't accept the gospel not to stop being their friend. Don't get discouraged if people keep turning away from the gospel, even Jesus had people who after meeting and teaching them didn't accept the gospel.

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