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 Back to School Dance - Use table decor of books, rulers, apples, calculators, old school photos, etc. Playing games like a mixed up spelling bee (words that don't have to make up a spelling that sounds right and give a definition).  Everyone can come dressed up as their favorite first day of school or their favorite teacher/principal/janitor?...or even their favorite subject...gym class? ha, ha, ha....anyway this lends to a lot of fun school related things...I got the idea when I was in charge of decor for a school district gala; this was the theme I used. It was a big hit as I had antique school books in the centerpieces combined with juice cans covered in contact paper filled with rulers, pencils, etc. The teachers all loved it.  (Idea by Jeanie Mcdonald Carlson / ga08282008)

 Our ward was just in charge of a stake dance. We went with an underwater theme. Hung blue colored balloons and streams....decorated a few tables with bubble wrap and sea shells. We had a bubble machine that the youth LOVED! Our stake center has a stage and we changed the bulbs in the lights to green. Our snacks were rainbow sherbet and 7-up as the punch...Goldfish and swedish fish. It seemed to be a big hit and it was way fun! (Idea by Amber Henderson / ga03052011)

Wild, Wild West

 When I was a youth my YW project was to plan a dance.  We did a "generic theme".  We asked the youth to wear black and white.  We had Oreos and milk for snacks.  We even made pairs of that went to the boys and one on the girls then had a "find your code" dance.  It was a huge success and a lot of fun!  (Idea by Laura Brewer / ga03012011)

 Decade Dance - At stake youth council, a youth from each ward or branch chose a card from a hat.  The card had a specific decade written on it.  We have 8 units so we duplicated some of the decades:  We used the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's.  The youth modestly dressed in their decade and had to learn and perform a dance from that decade.  The dances were scattered through out the dance and the "best" 3 received "prizes" -- a paper plate that said 1st, 2nd or 3rd place on it   Our youth really enjoyed that dance, literally every one danced and had a terrific time!  Our wonderful DJ threw in some decade appropriate music here and there which only added to all the excitement. (Idea by Cathy Liggett of Scranton, PA Stake / ga02252011)

In the backcountry - dance instruction

 This may sound weird- but I swear it's a TON of fun. I have done it for a youth, a YSA and an adult leader. The only thing you have to do is decorate the gym with toilet paper. Go to the dollar store, spend $25 on packages of TP... then hang a few wires or rope across the gym and then throw to your hearts content. It actually looks pretty cool. I guess because it looks so cool, EVERYONE dances. I mean I have done this for YEARS and it's a huge crowd pleaser. It's simple, cheap and lots and lots of fun. I promise- there will be no wallflowers!! (Idea by Sarah Wade / ga02242011)

Neon Dance

 Don't worry, be happy - Last year we did a Don't Worry Be Happy dance at the start of school. We made tons of smiley faces in all different colors to put all over the gym and played the song. We even had a couple of girls dressed in 80's attire who made up a dance to the song. For snacks we had goldfish and fruit smiley fruit snacks. It was very easy and was quick.  This year we are doing a There's No Place Like Home dance based on the Wizard of Oz. We are decorating with a yellow brick road and oz posters. For snacks we are serving green things for the emerald city.  (Idea by Robin Abbott / ga07052008)

Book of Mormon Heroes

 Fairy Tale Fun - We had everyone come in costume of their favorite fairy tale character...We built a castle (front) out of cardboard painting it with stone blocks effect and had silk ivies "growing up and tend riling down it" it included an arch they would walk through. We had candy rings and gold chocolate money etc. in a jewel box...served food that was castle like chicken drumsticks and fruit with loaves of bread. We had smoking punch and even touched on some of the foods in the fairy tales like poison apples etc... (Idea shared by Jeanie Mcdonald Carlson / ga08282008)

Under the Stars

 Our ward was in charge of the youth dance this month. Our theme was "Neon Nite". For decorations I bought cheap black sheets at Wal-Mart and the girls splashed neon colored paint all over them. We hung them on the walls, and put up colored Christmas lights around the room. I went to the .99 cent store and bought glow necklaces. I found glow bracelets at Michaels 15/1.00 for the youth to wear. Everyone had a blast!  (Idea shared by Kris Cammack / ga06062008)

 So I have a few ideas for youth dances...or any ward dance really. You can do a luau theme and have everyone where Hawaiian style shirts or just leis, or they can make their own leis as an activity for the night. And the food can be little finger stuff like nuts and "Hawaiian" style things...dried pineapple, whatever. Be creative with it. You can also do a Pioneer themed dance where everyone dressed like the pioneer days and the food is like stuff they would have served back then. You can have a "barn party" theme where every one dresses country and you can have hay bales around and maybe do square dancing or something. I was also thinking about an "around the world" party where everyone brings a dish that's inspired from a different can have your Spanish area, Chinese, American, Italian, etc. And the decorations can coincide with the food. Anyway, there's just a few ideas. (Ideas by Jeanie Earle / ga07312008)

Hawaiian Paradise

 For one Halloween dance, we put old horror movie posters on the wall and surrounded them with white Christmas lights to make them look like a marquis.  On the lowered media screen, we had a running DVDthat rotated through a bunch of old horror movies posters and adds (Frankenstein, Dracula, etc.) that we downloaded from the Internet.  We placed large boxes of candy on the wall such as Milk Duds, Jujubees, etc. that we bought at the Dollar Store, and served popcorn for refreshments.  It was a nice change from the ghost and bat theme.  This can be adapted to any kind of movie theme or movies in general.  We used classic old  movies so we did not have to worry about content or rating.  It was great fun! (Idea by Debbie Hawkins of Fallbrook 2nd Ward / ga02252011) 

 We are doing a Disney Theme with Karaoke, hot dogs and root-beer floats. For the spiritual thought at the end we will show a short video make up with President Uchdorf's talk "Happily Ever After". The youth can dress Disney or wear their favorite Disney shirts. (Idea by Laura Powers / ga02242011)

Mormon Prom

 We did an 80's prom back in the day, and that was hysterical. or a DI Costume dance. Dress up dances with theme music are always fun. (Idea by Angela Taylor / ga02242011)

 When I was a young single, we threw a 'Candy Land' dance. One of us drew the characters from the game on butcher paper as part of the decoration, then we taped up construction paper in multi-colors in a twisty line around the gym, with some of them having a round black dot, also just like the game. For refreshments we had lots of different candy and gave out candy prizes.  It was a lot of fun.  (Idea shared by Corrie / ga06202008)

 Youth Formal - An evening in Paris

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