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Jessica writes, "My thoughts came from a fantastic talk by Sister Susan W. Tanner titled, Daughters of Heavenly Father."

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  • Kimarie

    Hey, I am a 13 year old, Beehive President, I in about two weeks I have to give a Devontional. Do you think you could E-mail me the one connected to that handout? I would like to get a good idea on what to talk about, but there are just so many options! If you could just E-mail me a link to it or the paper, I would be so excited to read it! :P Thank you!

  • Victoria Macdonald

    I was just called to be camp director and we go to camp in two months. I am new to this calling and never went to girls camp so I am really lost. I was wondering if you could help me out with the devotional that went along with this cute and wonderful handout. Any help at this point would be great!!!!

    Thanks so much


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