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by Rachel Jones

How Well Do You Know Your Relief Society?

1. Who belongs to the Relief Society?

2. What is the Relief Society Motto?

3. What is the Relief Society emblem? What does the emblem represent?

4. What are the Relief Society colors?

5. How did the Relief Society get started?

a. Men working on the temple needed shirts?
b. The women wanted to help the needy Saints.
c. The women wanted to feed the hungry.

6. What temple was being built when the Relief Society was organized?

7. What date was the Relief Society organized?

8. Who was present at the first Relief Society meeting?

9. What was the original name of the Relief Society?

10. Who was the first general president of the Relief Society?

11. Who was asked to write the constitution that would be presented to the
Prophet Joseph Smith?

12. Who is the current general president of the Relief Society?


1. All women eighteen years of age and older

2. Charity Never Faileth

3. The Sego Lily/ Wheat Sheaf (The sego lily was selected because of it’s usefulness in sustaining life along pioneer settlements. It is an appropriate symbol of purity, beauty, patience through winter and darkness, and storing of strength for the time of blossoming. The wheat sheaf has been used as an emblem along with the sego lily, symbolizing storing of grain against time of need.

4. Gold and blue.

5. a. Men working on the temple needed shirts.

6. The Nauvoo temple.

7. Thursday, March 17, 1842

8. (points for any correct answer) John Taylor, Elizabeth Whitney, Willard Richards, Emma Smith, Joseph Smith, Sarah Cleveland, Eliza R. Snow, Elvira Coles, Sarah Kimball and Margaret Cook.

9. The Female Relief Society of Nauvoo

10. Emma Smith

11. Eliza R. Snow

12. Name current president

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