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Relief Society Church Headquarter Information:
Office of the Relief Society General Presidency
76 North Main Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84150-6030
Direct Number: (801) 240-2636
Toll Free (takes you to an operator): (800) 453-3860
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2014 HELPS:

alt 2014 Relief Society and Priesthood Lesson Schedule Bookmark by Julie Henricksen


alt 2011 Reading Group Book Suggestions by Marilyn Faulkner
alt A SOUPer bowl social by Shauna Eskelsen
alt Activity Ideas from Ambrosia Creative
alt And it went a little something like this....
alt Angels Among Us (aka - The Power of One) by Allie Jones
alt For Relief Society Activity Ideas, click here.
alt Mother/Daughter Ice Cream Social by Nicole Ritman
alt Pie Baking Contest Printables for November Enrichment
alt My Three Gifts by Jenifer Bunker
alt The worth of an 8 cow woman by Kristi Mayer
alt Relief Society Dinner and Service Auction by Amelia Miles
alt Relief Society Garden Party and Printables
alt When Life Hands You Lemons.....


The Principle of Presidency - A good article to review with your presidency to create unity and harmony, March 2001 Ensign


Attendance Rolls (editable for any organization) by Melanie Day


alt Our Relief Society gives a pair of baby socks with a comment, "Welcome Little One!  May your life be filled with the blessings that come from walking in righteousness.  Love, The ____ Ward Relief Society Presidency."  This is on an approximately 3"x2" cardstock. The text has been done on a computer and they've added a blue footprint stamp (I suppose it's pink for girls). They've added a hole in the top right corner and have tied a ribbon to it. Then the card was attached to the cute little socks, 2 pair.  (Idea by Wendy Hickman)
alt You could make these darling burp here.


Auxiliary Folders by Kellie Lyon
alt Dora's Digitals
alt Flower Binder Covers by Angela Nelson
alt Relief Society Binder Cover
alt Relief Society Binder Inserts by Kristen Raleigh
alt Relief Society Binders - what to do? - Share your ideas on what has worked.
alt Relief Society Connection by Dana Cockrum
alt Relief Society Folders by Jill Rucker
alt Welcoming Folder


alt Easy Sisterhood Gift by Lauri Hyer
alt Relief Society Birthday Pencil Card
alt Relief Society Subway Art Printable


alt Relief Society Bulletin Board by Lynette Packard


alt Large candy bar wrapper from  (1), (2)
alt Lifesaver Wrapper from
alt Mini chocolate bar wrappers from (1), (2), (3), (4), (5 - Thank You)


alt Christmas Ribbon Angel Ornament
alt Cute packaging idea by Jenny Funk
alt For Christmas gifts we always give the sister's their manual for next year with their name on it and a list of the lessons and dates for the upcoming year. Inside we also put a bookmark with a quote, or our goal for the next year, or one year we individualized them and put their goal as a visiting teacher on the bookmark. We also do a treat of some sort - last year we did a bag of M&M's with the story of the true meaning of Christmas using M&M's.  The year before it was a plastic gift bag with chocolate covered popcorn, etc. We hand the books out to the sisters at church and any that don't come for two weeks we divide those up and go with the visiting teaching supervisors and take them to their house. This way we are sure that every sister in the ward gets a contact during the month of December. (Kellie Lyon)
alt Let us ponder by Shel Eldridge


alt A Silent Christmas by Brittney Fairbourn
alt Giving with Joy by Jennifer Ashby
alt Relief Society Christmas Program by Danielle Poulter

CHRISTMAS TABLE DECORATIONS (or for your Relief Society Parties):

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas


Relief Society (Black/White), (Color)
alt Relief Society Logos/Clipart by Neil Leavitt


alt Compassionate Service Binder by Julie Kinder
alt Compassionate Service Postcard by Jennifer Clancy
alt Compassionate Service: with or without the Casserole
alt CSI: Compassionate Service Initiative - making freezer meals for those in need, as a group
alt Service Reminder Slips shared by Colette Boomsta
alt Our ward is full of young families and we are constantly having new babies being born.  Our Compassionate Service leader had the bright idea to have a Enrichment night where several of the sisters got together and made several freezer meals and the Compassionate Service Leader just kept them in her freezer at home.  When someone came home from the hospital, she could then take one out a freezer, pick up a bagged salad and desert and drop it off the first night.  This gave her a chance to get the rest of the meals set up on the following nights. (Idea by Kim W.)


alt Relief Society Conducting Form by Jodie

DAUGHTERS IN MY KINGDOM: (Click here to go to "Daughters in my Kingdom" website)

alt 32 Day Daughters in my Kingdom Reading Chart by Jessica Ashton
alt A Relief Society Birthday video based on the book Daughters in My Kingdom by Whit Larson
alt Blogography
alt Daughter in His Kingdom by Tami Creamer - Sheet Music
alt Daughters in my kingdom (bookmarks)
alt Daughters in my Kingdom...come unto Christ by Robyn Keesling - 40 day scripture program in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.
alt Daughters in my kingdom by Cathy Wallace - Power Point Presentation
alt Daughters in my kingdom by Elaine Carson - Power Point Presentation
alt How to use the Daughters of My Kingdom book
alt Inkablinka
alt Training for Leaders


alt How well do you know your Relief Society?
alt Relief Society Bingo
alt Relief Society Scattegories


alt Relief Society: Getting-to-know you party


In celebration of Valentine's Day, we are making aprons for all the sisters in the ward. We are a small ward, so it's not too taxing to make simple aprons. The children are going to decorate them with stenciled hearts and their signatures. With leftover material from other projects and fabric paints we have on hand, this activity is costing us $0 to do. (Idea shared by Karen Anderson / ga02062008
alt Small Gift Ideas
alt Welcoming Folder


alt Relief Society Goals for 2010 by Jill Rucker


alt Bookmarks from
alt Relief Society Declaration Bookmarks, Another Version   In Spanish
alt The History of Relief Society by Stacie Wheeler


alt Power Point Presentation on Past Presidents of the Organization


alt Portuguese Relief Society Page


alt Calling Request Form for a Relief Society Teacher - This form is used to call new teachers to Relief Society.  Just give this form to the bishop so he can review their new responsibilities with them. 
alt E-Vite - If you have the e-mail addresses of your sisters, this is a free service that allows you to create a customized e-mail to send reminders for different could even send them to your presidency to remind them of meetings...etc.
alt Here's an idea I've used in every organization where I've served, whenever I have a presidency meeting. I print out the agenda with the items that need to be discussed so we know how to divide our time and then at the bottom of the paper I write "ACTION ITEMS" where everyone can write down what they specifically need to do after the meeting. That way they'll remember details and what their stewardship is. It also helps to divide labor and help account for what happened at the meeting next time you get together. (Trina Boice)
alt Relief Society Conducting Form by Jodie
alt Relief Society Materials - Purchase Relief Society Materials directly from the Distribution Center online.


alt Easter Lesson Helps
alt Helping and Stregnthing our Young Relief Society Sisters
alt Lesson Helps for Teachings of President's of the Church - Joseph Fielding Smith
alt Monkey On My Back Lesson
alt Relief Society Lesson Helps


alt Relief Society Presidency Meeting Agenda   another version  Editable Version


alt Will you be an angel? by Kerrie Neu


alt Conducting Sticks by Ann Marie McKinney
alt Hymn Number Poster by Pam Ikeda 
alt Ideas for Relief Society Music Directors by Camille Jennings


alt Be Sassy Classy - [January] [February] [March] [April] [June]
alt Newsletter Template by Laura Fisher
alt Relief Society Newsletter Template submitted by Carin Ferris


alt Relief Society: Something Extra-Ordinary


alt A History of the Relief Society from
alt Easter Egg Thank You (Teacher Appreciation at Easter Time)
alt Freezing Our Compassionate Service, October 1998 Ensign
alt Invitation Station by Rebecca Wachel
alt Relief Society Pennant/Banner by Ruth Burgess
alt Relief Society Stationery Black and White
alt Relief Society Teacher Enrichment by Angela Cardoza
alt Sub-4-Santa Idea
alt The Purpose of Relief Society from January 2006 Visiting Teaching Message
alt The Relief Society Building - A Symbol of Service and Sacrifice (September 2006 Ensign)
alt Updates - Each ward I've lived in does this a little different but one Relief Society Presidency Member sent around a clipboard asking for sisters e-mail addresses.  Then they e-mail a newsletter each week, with talk highlights (very brief), new callings, announcements, birthdays, and all that happened in sacrament meeting (new callings, who spoke, etc.), Sunday school and Relief Society. It was great because if you missed church, you still knew what was going on and felt included on what was going on.
alt "Welcome to the Ward" -Printables by Mique Provost
alt Women's Conference by Barb Bennett


alt Life's Journey to Perfection


alt Photo Directory Template


As Young Women's Ends (Poem for those entering Relief Society)
alt Cute Welcome Poem
alt For the new Relief Society Sister (Could be given to new converts or to the Young Women advancing into Relief Society).
alt Sisters by Shel Eldredge


alt Something Extraordinary by Beth Hart (Readers Theater)
alt Live Up To Your Privileges (Readers Theater from any story)
alt The Women Who Knew Joseph Smith - the Women of the first Relief Society


alt Quick Quotes on Relief Society


altA trip to Oz by Carrie Hughes

alt All Things SImple 
alt Angels Among Us by Katherine Eldredge
alt Celebrate Something Extraordinary by Lexie Borg
alt Chocolate Never Faileth by Nancy Wentzell - handout idea
alt For our R.S. birthday one year, we had an Old Fashioned Fashion Show. We asked the sisters to dig out their old wedding dresses, prom dresses, whatever they could find. As Enrichment Leader, I MC'd the event. I was able to wear a beautiful handmade dress from the 40's. The young women were our models. That was really fun because many of the girls found out they could not fit into their mothers dresses. As each girl walked out, I introduced the dress or outfit, any history of the dress, and whom it came from. Each sister also brought their own beautiful china cup and saucer and sipped punch and nibbled on dainty treats. We had a wonderful and memorable evening!  (Idea by Julie / ga01212009)
alt High Tea with Emma
alt Home, Family and "Purse'onal" Enrichment (Birthday Party)
alt Ice Cream Sculpting - I was able to use this idea for our Relief Society Birthday, although I know it was for the Young Women but I thought I could use the same idea for the Relief Society. The sisters enjoyed carving the ice cream.  (Shared by Gina Potts / ga03192008)
alt Live up to your privileges - Skit
alt Look Up Party
alt Lucky Us! Printable by Parri Brunson
alt Mad Hatter Tea Party
alt Oh the places you'll serve by Faye Sayre
alt Our program's theme was: "How to be an 8 cow woman" based on the Johnny Lingo movie (the old one).  We had the movie first, then two speakers: "Holy Cow"- on how to become more spiritual and "Mad Cow"- on how to handle life's stresses without going crazy. They were excellent.  Then we had our luncheon: Hawaiian Haystacks, tropical slush, and birthday cake for dessert. We decorated everything luau style to fit the theme. Our tables were decorated in pink, yellow, purple table cloths with a short glass vase with tropical flowers. We had wall decorations too.  Everything was great, the speakers, the food and the attendance. (Credit Unknown)
alt Positively Mommy
alt Princess Birthday Social by Julie Kleinhampl
alt Red Carpet Event
alt Relief Society Birthday Bingo
alt Relief Society Birthday Cupcake Toppers by Amy Pincock
alt Relief Society Pennant/Banner (great decoration for birthday party) by Ruth Burgess
alt Waffle Bar Brunch
alt What are your plans/ideas for the Relief Society Birthday?
alt We are having a dinner and afterwards we we are having a program. A few sisters are doing the readers theater, Live up to Your Privileges. I also complied a book of the sisters most memorable experiences in Relief Society and their testimonies, which we are going to give each one a copy that night. (Idea by Jennifer Bunker)
alt We are having a dinner with just the sisters and there will be 12 tables (one for each month) you sit at the table that is the month you were born. Each table has a cake for the birthday of the sisters. (Idea by Angela Girvin)
alt Zion Place Mall by Cheryl Jorgensen


alt Relief Society Declaration Printable by Tiersa Ludlow


alt Relief Society Presidency Meeting Agenda  Editable Version
alt Relief Society Secretary Responsibilities by Sharon Pomeroy


alt Sister Spotlight (Questions to ask when spotlighting someone)


alt Craft Ideas
alt Home Can Be A Heaven on Earth
alt Super Saturday Craft Ideas
alt "We had a former Relief Society President that did not like them called Super Saturday. We now call our spring one held in May - Spring Fling and our November one is called Holiday Happenings."  Another person calls them "Terrific Tuesdays".  (Idea by Kelly Lyon)


alt Teacher Appreciation or Thank You Ideas


alt Relief Society Quiz (from


alt Mothers Who Know by Julie Beck (You-Tube Clip)
alt Relief Society - Live Like You Believe (You-Tube Clip)
alt Relief Society Visiting Teaching Conference Video (You-Tube Clip)



alt LDS About
alt Mormon Share
alt Relief Society Rest Stop


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