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 Take all the girls' left socks when they aren't there and leave a sign or note saying: "We took all your left socks, so now you have to choose the right!" (Submitted by L. Smart / ga06032007)

 The travels of a purse by Renee Udall

Paper Moons - You've been mooned. (Take foam moons and glue them to popsicle sticks. Buy mini moon pies from Wal-Mart. Stick the moons in the ground outside the tent/cabin and leave the moon pies near the door (or inside if you can)---You have "mooned" someone!
The Letters T and P taped together- You've been TP'ed 
Cover room with bees-You are BEE-utiful.
Ice cream cones- You've been creamed.
Stars- You're our star.
Plastic Easter eggs- You've been egged (put filled Easter eggs all around the cabin or tent. The eggs were filled with candy, inspirational thoughts and other small items. also put up posters in the shape of eggs announcing they had been "egged."
Red Dots- You've been quarantined.
Paper Boots- You've been booted. Take old boots and stuff them with candy, and treats. Works well if you have a Western theme. "You've been Booted" We took old tall rubber work boots, and cleaned them up. Then we put a garbage sack inside of them and filled them with all kinds of goodies, candy, toy soldiers, and small rocks that we had painted and put a smiley face on, with a cute saying. Then late each evening we would sneak out and put the boot, and a whole bunch of boots cut out of construction paper around the camps, with a sign that said....."You've been booted."  (Credit Unknown)

 I love Girls camp and good clean pranks are all part of it. Some of our favorites; Anbesol on the edge of the paper or plastic cups, Just walk away and watch as dinner goes on.  Our bishop was the funniest and a very good sport! Everybody likes to sample the treats and we just took Oreos and substituted a little tooth paste for part of the filling. Fake mice were always. We saran wrapped a tent once (toilet paper got a little to messy to clean up in the moist mountains).  Ideas shared by Jody Smith / ga07122008)

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