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The girls love decorating plain white pillowcases. We used paint markers. Have cardboard available to put between the material so the markers don't bleed through. (Idea by Angie Lambert)

Have the girls decorate a 5 gallon bucket.  Put padding on one side so they can use it as a seat and the inside as a storage area for camp book, song book, crafts and/or snacks.  You could even reuse the same bucket year after year and add beads to the handle showing how many years attended or writing each years theme on the bucket. 

Ribbon and Washer Necklace

Last year our Craft Leader was terrific. She centered crafts around our theme and doing service. She made several lap quilts that needed to be tied.  For every 10 knots a girl did, she got to put her name or another girls name into a pot. She put the name into the port for a specific quilt. Every day of camp two different lap quilts would come out for the girls to work on.  She showed them how to tie and how to space the ties on each quilt. It was so cool! When the drawing time came for the six quilts, each winner was the recipient due to another girl entering her name into the bin. (Shared by Frankie / ga02262007)

Bracelet from bead kits - Since last years theme was Arise and Shine, our craft leader bought little metal sun beads. Each girl got one of those to use when making her bracelet. The canvas bags are always a hit. Have to have a few stencils and lots of markers. Last year they did the backpack type bags.  I prefer the book bags. I think we may do those this year. I make one at home before we go to camp and then at camp I have the girls and leaders sign my bag. It is a special memory for me!   (Shared by Frankie / ga02262007)

We did prayer rugs one year. Very inexpensive, and the girls loved them. We went to a carpet store and asked for their outdated samples, the ones with binding around the edge. We got several light colors, not a deep shag, but the velour and short texture type work well. We cut out stencils that said "Did you think to pray" and also some designs like daisies and lady bugs and butterflies, etc.  The girls painted them in colors to match their rooms with acrylic (tole) paint.  We used sponges to dab it on, and I was amazed at the creativity they showed.  One girl cut her sponge into two pieces and used one to put a checkerboard pattern, one used hers to freehand a flower pattern. They were very cute and the craft took up about 2-1/2 hours to complete.  (Idea by Peggy Adams)

 Word Boards by Cheryl Harmon

One year we made "stands" to hold the mini Mormon ad posters (a set of 12 can be purchased at the distribution center for .50). It had a oval wooden base with 2 (3/4 inch) dowels about 8 or 9" long set into either side (vertically) of the oval with a smaller dowel set (horizontally) by drilling holes into the top part of the dowels. The small dowel (horizontal) had 2 clasping silver rings (office supply store) on it, Punch holes in the mini Mormon ads and hook onto the rings. Then they can just flip the ads to the one they want to display. The two vertical dowels had a wooden ball glued on top (just for looks). The girls put them together and painted them at camp. If you get a set of ads, you can then determine the height and width for sure of the wooden pieces you will need.  (Idea by Karen Pixton)

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