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Table Placemats - Laminate these for snack time, one for each child.  They can put their snack on the "plate" and their drink in the spot for a "cup".  Real Cute! This document is from WonderTime.

  Make your own for nursery.

Placemat Template by Leslie Miller

(Krystal Boulier) We make placemats for our little people too. We take a digital picture and blow it up the size we want and laminate it. The children love having their own placemats and we love to see how they change in the short time we have them.

Wax Paper Thanksgiving Mat

(Dianne) We found a simple idea that has been a hit. We made placemats for the children's snacks by gluing two cut-out handprints (child-sized) on construction paper, then covering the whole thing in clear contact paper. We wash the mats off with disinfectant spray between uses. The children still aren't tired of matching their hands to the handprints, and sometimes, while we are serving them, we sing "I have two little hands" or we just count the fingers, or do the hand play "Johnny johnny johnny johnny oops johnny."

(Karrie) We took pictures of the children (using a digital camera). I then printed each of their names on construction paper and glued their picture on it along with a picture of Jesus with children. It then let them decorate it with stickers (of temples, Jesus, and smiley faces). After, I laminated them and we now use them as placemats at snack time. Any time we get a new child, I take their picture and make them up one. The children really love it. Before snacks we go through them and hold them up and ask the children who it is. They really like to see their picture and say "That's me!", and the other children (as well as the leaders) get to know their names better. Also, if we have any substitutes, it helps them to get to know each other.  After snacks, we spray them with Lysol and let them air dry (since they are laminated, they clean up pretty well). We place them in the snack container for next week.

Placemat Idea - To get a copy of the poem used on this placemat, click here.

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