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As you sit there sipping your cocoa so hot,

Do you realize the symbols in your hot choc-o-lot?

It's symbols of Christ's birth which we revere

Now sit right back, as I explain ~ to make it clear.

The chocolate represents Jesus' sweetness supreme

As kindness was his forever theme.

Its warmth is like His encircling love

That comes directly from above.

Many small, but one large star

Were also seen from afar

So are the marshmallows so clean and white

Which reminds us of His purity bright.

The candy cane looks like the Shepherd's crook

Those great men who came to take a look

At the newborn babe so sweet and gentle

Whose life would be so fundamental.

The 3 kisses remind us of the 3 wise kings

Who traveled as they heard the angels sing.

And when they arrived they saw a beautiful sight,

Mary kissing her son on that wonderful night.

Now may we remember these wonderful things

As we enjoy what this glorious season brings.

May you feel His warmth each and every day

As you wish others a Merry Christmas as you go along your way!


ANOTHER VERSION is called, "Hot Cocoa for you or double for two!"
Credit Unknown

This little sundae will sure make you warm.
It's a hot cocoa treat in an odd little form.

Just add hot water, or even some milk,
For yummy hot cocoa that's smoother than silk.

Now add your sweets to make it even more dreamy,
Then stir, and stir, and stir until creamy.

Stir with a spoon and enjoy the flavor,
Or stir with a candy stick for something to savor.

Share with a friend, if you dare give it away,
Or save for yourself for a cold winter day!

Snowman Poop
Shared by Shauna Petersen
"I put this with some Hot chocolate mix, and mini marshmallows...(the snowman poop)!"

Christmastime is great, ya know-
But I've 'bout had my fill!
I shop and shop until I drop-
Yup,I even broke a heel!
These brokedown shoes are killin' me,
My hands are frozen numb.
I'm headin' home to warm me up...
To my kitchen I did come.
What's in here that's good and warm?
Do I want leftover soup?
I'll stir me up hot chocolate-
And toss in some "snowman poop"!

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