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by Liz Lindsey / ga10092006

We have our Activity Days the same time as youth activity night. We have a small group so all the girls are combined. We live quite a distance apart and are the only ward in our building so it is convenient for parents and leaders to all come on the same night as other activities. We have it the first and third Wednesday each month. 
When I was the leader I followed another wards example and had the girls with different assignments. One of the girls loved making phone calls to the other girls each week to remind them to come and to remind them to bring a friend. We also announced it the Sunday before. We planned activities around the Faith in God Book for girls.. I liked to plan the year out with the girls.
 One year we learned how to...
  Cook different recipes and decorated a small 3x5 binder to keep all of our recipes in
  Learned a dance, some songs, other crafts, how to fold napkins, and about manners, etc.
  We learned how to sew a simple skirt
  We went to a play called "A Thousand Cranes" at the college and learned origami
  We had the girls do an activity where we learned about saying kind things to other. During the activity we had them each pass a paper around with their name at the top. Each girl wrote something nice about that girl. We then took the papers home and copied what the girls had written onto a bookmark with the girls picture on it. We then laminated the bookmark and gave it to the girl. We pointed out how good they felt when they read the things the other girls had written about them and how nice it was to say kind words to others to help them feel the same way.
  At the end of the year the girls made lasagna a few weeks ahead and froze it, made garlic bread and froze it, folded napkins and made simple decorations ahead, and then had a dinner for their parents and families. We made a green salad the day of and decorated. Heated the lasagna and toasted the garlic bread, and had each girl make and bring her favorite dessert. The girls also had a talent show after the dinner where they sang some fun girls camp songs, did their dance, performed other talents they had and had a display table each that showcased other things they had learned and done during the year. It was a wonderful year and a wonderful evening. 
I love doing Activity days with the girls. The girls are great at that age and I do feel that is when we lose some of our kids interests. They get so involved in other activities at that age that when they get into Young Women's it is easier to continue their other activities that they have become committed to.

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