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by Jeannie / ga06232008

We had a great YW/YM activity this past week. We took the idea from the show "Iron Chef". We split up in 3 different groups and went to someone’s home to do the cook off (you could have more groups if you have a large YW/YM’s group). We gave each group a bag of food; everyone had the same ingredients except for one mystery item. We gave them a chicken breast, pasta, tomato, banana, graham crackers, one string cheese and broccoli. Our mystery item was spam, Vienna sausage and canned shrimp. We had one hour to go and make the most creative dishes, best presentation, and best taste. The more meals you could make the better. It was so much fun to watch the youth come up with different meals. You were able to use spices at the home. We met back at the church and had a panel judge. They had so much fun.  This is the second time we have done this. The last time we did this we had totally different ingredients.

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