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 2 cookies - 2 inches by 3 inches
 3/4 c. of fluffy Mini Marshmallows
 3 TBS Royal icing in a Ziploc bag [push frosting to one corner, just before using snip off tip and use like pastry bag]
We started with a rectangle sugar cookie attached to a plate with royal icing. We then put icing around the outside edge of the cookie and then place mini marshmallows around the outside edge. Next we squiggled icing on top of the cookie to start the walls. We put another row of marshmallows on top of the cookie and inside the the other row of marshmallows. A second row of marshmallows could be placed on top of this row or just place the second cookie on top [either way you put icing on top the second set of marshmallows].  Next build a steeple or tower on the roof. Write name on plate and set aside  to dry.  The children were so excited about their temples and brought their parents back to the primary room when they picked them up.

ADDITIONAL NOTE by Katie Salter - "I LOVED the marshmallow/ cookie temple idea! I made a few modifications to make it a little easier for me at the time. I made square sugar cookies and rolled them in sugar (using a white cake mix to make them). Because they didn't come out exactly square, I used a knife to cut off the edges and make them square, and let my sunbeams snack on those pieces. Then I made lines of frosting along each side of the square, and let the kids place mini marshmallows along each side. When the marshmallows were all set, I squeezed some more frosting along the top of the marshmallows, and they placed the other cookie square on top. From there, I made the spire by drawing a circle of frosting at the top of their top cookie, and they placed one marshmallow in the center, and 7 or so marshmallows all around, then started stacking 3 marshmallows on top of the one in the middle. To top if off we made the angel Moroni! I happened to have some gold spray paint, so I painted some tinfoil ahead of time, and crinkled up a small piece (less than 1"x1"), forming a spike in the bottom, and poked it into the top marshmallow (not pictured).  I imagine if you have gold paint/gold marker that will work great too. Wallah! Beautiful marshmallow temples that the parents couldn't stop complimenting! Thanks again for the idea!"

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