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by Jen Adams / ga06202008

The way this Girls Camp Song Book is set up is the 2 sided 8x10 is cut into half 5x7, the page number is put out on the outside bottom corner.  We will laminate the cover and then bind the Song Book together. They will use there Song Book through out their camp years.

NOTE: EACH page below contains 4 half pages.  You will see the first two half pages after clicking on the link; however, to see the remaining two half pages, you'll need to use the arrow down button.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 7
Page 8
Page 9
Page 10

SOURCES: Most of the clipart is from Debbie Harman.  The song book was created using Scrapbook Factory Deluxe.

Comments (8)
  • Adrienne Varner

    There was a song that was written for us when I was in Young Women's. It was for girl's camp. I don't know who wrote it but if anyone knows where I can get the music, the lyrics go..."Here in this mountain breeze, I bring myself to my knees, and I know he hears every word. I will go, I will go and do for him, then one day I will live with him in love. Banners of liberty we will hold friends 'round an open fire, sharing the gospel light, with a perfect brightness of hope..."

  • Kaylyn J

    :-) Thank you so much for posting this song book! I'm a first year YCL and this was perfect for getting everything ready for camp!!

  • Laurissa Haws

    I {LOVE} that you put this book together and posted it for others. I remember all of these songs and more. One of my favorite's was 'Noah's Ark'. Is it possible to find more songs and add them to this book?

  • Lacy

    Thank you SO much for posting this!!! I've never really done girls camp before and I've been asked to compile some camp songs. I am extraordinarily busy right now and THIS is a life saver. So fun! Reading through it, I didn't realize some of the songs I know are camp songs or could be used for camp. YOU just made my day. So cute. :)

  • Karla Baum

    We had a song about granny swinging on the outhouse door. My daughter is looking for this song she is the YW prs in Japan can u help

  • Kelly Henderson  - camp song book

    Hi, I am trying to download the camp song book. My computer is not letting me download it.Can you give me any ideas? I was so excited to find this on your website. Thank you for your help.



  • stacie schmidt  - song mignight train

    Can you tell me were I can find the tune for midnight train.


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