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by Heather Jeppson / ga06162008
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Today was our first pizza day and the dramatic play area I set up was a big hit with my toddler. Since it was the first day we had it up I didn't plan to do much else aside from that. We did read this book that I have pictured here. "The Pizza That We Made" by Joan Holub. It is a cute book and a Level 2 for anyone who have beginning readers in your house. I also tried to teach my son the "Pizza Hut" song. He was kind enough to watch me, but had no interest in learning it himself. That may be a better activity for older children. I learned this when I was little. Here are the words and actions for it:

"Ah Pizza Hut, ah Pizza Hut" (put fingertips together to form a triangle-a hut)
"Kentucky Fried Chicken" (flap arms in armpit like a chicken)
"and ah Pizza Hut." (hut action)
"Ah Pizza Hut, ah Pizza Hut" (repeat hut actions)
"Kentucky Fried Chicken" (chicken actions)
"and ah Pizza Hut" (hut actions)
"McDonalds, McDonalds" (put pointer fingers together and go up and and down to make an "M")
"Kentucky Fried Chicken" (flap arms)
"and ah Pizza Hut" (hut actions)

My son helped me make mini pizzas tonight. There are many different variations of this and it is called a variety of things. We used frozen Rhodes Rolls for the crust and put pizza sauce, cheese, and pizza toppings on the dough. You could use hoagie buns, hot dog buns, hamburger buns, english muffins, bagels... I think you get the picture.

If I have discovered nothing else through education and being a mother it is that borrowing ideas and adapted them to be your own is the best thing you can do so here are some links to the websites that helped me plan our pizza week: - defintely the most helpful one I found - look up pizzas in different catagories - tons of pizza recipes


We had Breakfast Pizza this morning. It was our first ti me trying it out. It is okay, but not a new family favorite.
For an afternoon snack I made my son this Pizza Dip that I found on  (look up Pizza Dip for One). 

We also added felt pizzas to our dramatic play collection. Just buy an assortment of colors and cut them out for a crust, sauce, cheese, and various toppings. If you want you could do different shapes for everything to help your child learn and recognize the different shapes. My son loves these felt pizzas and had a great time playing with them. You can make them as big or small as you want. I used the outer rim of a canning jar lid for a guide for my pizza crust circle.   We, of course kept having fun with our Pizza Parlor.




 I made this pizza from cardstock. It was a pattern I had out of a real old book my mom gave me. It is copyrighted so I am not going to post a template of it, but it would be real easy to make your own or find one. I love it because there is so much you can do with it. From the book my mom had it was actually a job chart. There are different pepperoni's on each pizza so it is a great counting activity and you can put numbers on the crust to match and anything else you can think of.

Tonight we had something called Cheesy Pizza Wedges. It was real good. Although I realized it was more of an appetizer than an actual meal. It does say that on the website I just didn't pay attention to that until tonight when I was making it. Really, though if you eat enough it can become a meal. :)


 We tried out Veggie Pizza today for a snack.  It was not a big hit for my toddler, although I think it would be great for older children who aren't afraid of trying new and different foods.  It is very colorful as you can see. Next time I think we'll skip the pizza crust and just use it as a dip. That way my son can pick out his favorite veggies and not worry about the rest of them.
 For a little art project we did this: It is a paper plate and pieces of paper for the cheese and toppings and my son colored the plate with a red marker for the sauce. You can find more complete instructions by going to looking up pizza and then going to the art section.


Our last day of the pizza theme was interrupted with other things going on in our life. However, this day was just a relaxing day to play with the dramatic play area before taking it down. My son helped me take some of it down. Something we didn't do, but I think would be fun is to help your child learn some restaurant etiquette and then practice by taking them to Pizza Hut or your favorite pizza parlor. 


At our house we are doing a pizza theme all week so I put a pizza parlor in our living room. (I have a very understanding, supportive husband who works 50-60 hours a week so he doesn't mind.) I thought I would share what I did with you. I'm sure there are a lot of great ideas out there, but for this I mainly came up with on my own.  Welcome to our Pizza Hut. I was going to use posterboard to make this sign, but realized at the last minute I didn't have any posterboard so I used butcher paper instead. I cut the Pizza Hut logo from an advertisement. I cut the letters out using my Cricut Machine (very handy tool by the way).

Here is our cash register and a pretend cell phone for calls. Also the specials are listed on my son's easel with a list of laying next to it.   I admit that I splurged on this and bought this pizza set from Toys R Us. Look how cute it is though. You can't really have a pizza parlor without pizza. The cupboard is an old one handed down from my in-laws. The big pizza box on top is one that we saved from Pizza Hut.

Here is the oven that my son helped me make. Really if I could go back I would do it completely different. I used an old computer box. There's lots of different variations you could do and I'm sure yours would be way cuter than mine. On top of the oven is an apron I sewed for my son from a pattern that was my mom's. I've seen people use dish towels to make aprons as well.

This is our dining area. I just used my son's little table and chairs (Lightening McQueen) and put a round table cloth over it. I use some of my son's plastic dishes. To do the menu I pulled up Pizza Hut's website and just printed off a list from their menu. Since it is all for personal use I didn't think Pizza Hut would mind. :)
So that's it.

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