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"We believe in the gift of tongues, prophecy, revelation, visions, 
healing, interpretation of tongues, and so forth."    




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 Family Home Evening Lesson on 7th Article of Faith from LDS Living

 Choose various incidents of church leaders or members that illustrate the gift of the Holy Ghost and share their stories.  You could also find examples in Doctrine and Covenants, The Ensign, Church History books, etc. 
 For young children you could have a picture relating to each thing listed with a short quote, story or explanation...i.e.:
Gift of Tongues - Picture of missionaries. Talk about how missionaries learn languages so quickly and are often helped by the Spirit.  
Gift of Prophecy - A picture of prophet. Talk about his role, etc.
Revelation - Picture of Joseph Smith. You could use any number of the revelations given to him.
Interpretation of Tongues - Another picture of missionaries or something from a story you find to go along with this one.
To get them interested, you could wrap up all the items in a box as a present and tell them that you are going to talk about some special "gifts" we believe in from Heavenly Father. After they unwrap the present, they can take the items out one at a time as you go over would be a great way to get them interested and keep their hands busy as they take each item out of the box. (Idea by Wendy James / ga05212007)
 He Hath Opened My Eyes (June 1995 Friend)
 The seventh article of faith reminds me of missionary work and the power of the Holy Ghost.  I was called to serve in Spain and having to learn a foreign language in such a short time was nothing short of a miracle.  You could explain that thousands and thousands of missionaries learn languages, given the gift of prophecy and revelation.  This isn't just limited to the missionaries, but to all who have faith.
 What Latter-Day Saints Believe - The Seventh Article of Faith
 Articles of Faith put to music by Carl Stoddard
 Ideas for Teaching the Article of Faith Song
 The Seventh Article of Faith (from Children's Songbook)
The Seventh Article of Faith by Loretta Harbertson

 Article of Faith Posters (8 x 10)


Article of Faith Puzzles by Heather Baer - each puzzle is a different shape that goes along with that Article of Faith.  (Hands for the 5th, a church for the 6th, a gift for the 7th, etc.)
 Article of Faith Word Endings, August 1995 Friend
 Cross Connections
 Fill in each word of the seventh Article of Faith where it fits
 Fill in the blanks from August 1995 Friend Magazine
 Seventh Article of Faith Word Search, Aug. 1993 Friend
 Word Search Puzzle
  Elder Dallin H. Oaks taught: “In a priesthood blessing a servant of the Lord exercises the priesthood, as moved upon by the Holy Ghost, to call upon the powers of heaven for the benefit of the person being blessed. Such blessings are conferred by holders of the Melchizedek Priesthood, which has the keys of all the spiritual blessings of the Church (D&C 107:18, 67).  “There are many kinds of priesthood blessings. As I give various examples, please remember that priesthood blessings are available for all who need them, but they are only given on request. . . . “Persons desiring guidance in an important decision can receive a priesthood blessing. Persons who need extra spiritual power to overcome a personal challenge can receive a blessing. Expectant mothers can be blessed before they give birth. Many LDS families remember a sacred occasion where a worthy father gave a priesthood blessing to a son or daughter who was about to be married. Priesthood blessings are often requested from fathers before children leave home for other purposes, such as school, service in the military, or a long trip. . . . “Blessings given in circumstances such as I have just described are sometimes called blessings of comfort or counsel. They are usually given by fathers or husbands or other elders in the family. They can be recorded and kept in family records for the personal spiritual guidance of the persons blessed” (in Conference Report, Apr. 1987, 44; or Ensign, May 1987, 36; see also D&C 46:11–26).
 Quotes and Scriptures on Article of Faith #7
 Quotes on 7th Article of Faith from W.O.O.L.
 The Gift of Tagalog


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