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by Kristin LaMoure / ga06052008

A fun song we are doing next week is "Oh, What do you do in the summertime?"  I have done a little prop and role playing in the past, and it has worked great.  Choose different children to come up front for each verse. The children remaining can mimic the movements of those in front.  The props are easy to find and make, but the children remember them for a long time.  The props make the actions a lot more fun for even the oldest of Primary children.

Verse 1

"Do you fish...?" Child 1 holds a dowel with a string and a toy or paper fish attached to the end.
"or lazily dream..." Child 2 sits in a chair, with legs stretched out in front, hands behind head. Looks up slightly.
Child 3 Holds a cloud over the other's head. Cloud can be made with poster or stiff board, cut like a cloud and batting glued on.

Verse 2

"swim in a pool" child 1 (from next group) holds or wears swimming prop (tube, goggles, beach towel, or snorkel) and makes swimming gesture
"swing in a tree..." child 2 sits in chair and  pretends to swing with arms
child 3 holds a branch over the childs head.

Verse 3

"march in parades" child 1 (from third group) holds a flag or wears a festive hat and marches in place
"drink lemonades" child 2 pretends to drink or sip from a brightly colored plastic cup
"count all the stars..." child 3 sits in chair and points to ceiling and pretends to count stars
child 4 holds black paper or poster with star stickers all over it.

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