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Cindee writes, "In our ward we will be combining lesson 16 and 17.  For the Beehives, preparing for the temple can seem like it is really far down the road in life. So to help them relate now, I'm going to start the lesson by holding up my drivers license and ask, "How many of you are planning on getting one of these when you turn 16?" I'm sure they will all  raise their hands because getting your drivers license is something you really look forward too, I know I did. I'll follow this up with, "So on your birthday do you show up at the Drivers License Division and say, "Hey, I'm 16 and I'm ready for my license now." " have to plan for it before hand. You attend a drivers education  class, you take a few tests, you practice driving for a while on a learners permit. And even at your ages now many of you are starting to pay more attention to what your parents are doing behind the wheel by asking questions. These are all things you need to do before your turn 16 and want a drivers license." Then I'll hold up my temple recommend and ask "How many of you are planning on getting one of these? On the day you decide you are ready to enter the temple, do you go there and say "Hey, I'm ready to enter?" "No just like the drivers license there are preparations you need to do long before that day." And then we can go into the lesson material, requirements questions etc. I feel this will be a effective way for them to relate and hopefully realize that it is never too early to plan for your temple endowment."

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