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Lesson 28

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 To help each child understand that because Jesus Christ is the Son of God, he has power over death.

1. Primary 7 Lesson Cards

2. Clipart of story, Sept 2002 Liahona

3. Jesus Christ raises Lazarus from the dead by Ericka Covalt - Power Point Presentation

4. Resurrection Epitaph - You will need large round rocks to represent stone rolled in front of Lazarus's grave (one rock for each child.  Clean the rocks so they can be written on.); permanent broad-tip markers or paint and brushes; newspaper]  Tell the story of Lazarus.  Then explain to the children that when people die in our country a tombstone is placed at the burial site with an epitaph written on it.  An epitaph is words that tell when the person was born, when they died, who they are related to and anything else special the loved ones want us to know about them.  Have the children imagine what Lazarus's tombstone might have looked like if someone had written on it after he was resurrected.  Help the children think of ideas that will tell others what happened to Lazarus, and give them markers to illustrate these ideas through words or pictures onto their "rock tombstones".

5. Jesus Raised Lazarus from the Dead (off-site) - Adapt some of their ideas. 

6.  You could play a fun game called Friends of Jesus.  On the chalkboard, write the following names (or your could make word strips and post them on the chalkboard) - John, Joseph of Arimathaea, Lazarus, Martha, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Matthew, Nicodemus, Peter (Simon Peter), Salome, Thomas and Zacchaeus.  Then, type the following clues on paper strips and roll each clue into the bottom of the straw.   

a. Sister of Lazarus who prepared meals for Jesus. (See Luke 10:38–42.)
b. Told the Apostles that Jesus had risen from the grave. (See John 20:17–18.)
c. Publican (tax collector) who welcomed Jesus into his home. (See Luke 19:2–6.)
d. Baptized Jesus in the Jordan River. (See Matt. 3:13–17.)
e. Defended Jesus before the Pharisees and took part in His burial. (See John 7:45–51; John 19:38–40.)
f. Woman who anointed Jesus’ feet with costly ointment. (See John 12:3–8.)
g. At first he doubted, but later believed that Jesus had risen. (See John 20:24–29.)
h. Mary (James’s mother), Mary Magdalene, and ________ went to Jesus’ tomb with spices. (See Mark 16:1–8.)
i. Asked Pilate for permission to bury Jesus’ body. (See Matt. 27:57–60.)
j. Jesus called him Cephas, which means a stone. (See John 1:40–42.)
k. Jesus raised him from the dead. (See John 11:38–45.)
l. Tax collector who followed Jesus as one of His disciples. (See Matt. 9:9.)

Divide the class into two teams.  Each team draws a straw and blows out the clue.  As a team, they have one minute to answer the clue.  If they need help they can look up the scripture reference.  Match all the clues with the correct person.

7. Draw and cut out pictures of Jesus and of Lazarus.  Wrap the picture of Lazarus in some strips of cloth.  Draw on a box a picture of a hill.  Cut out a cave entrance.  Use a real rock to block the cave entrance.   Make the following figures of Jesus, Lazarus, the cave and the rock to tell the story of Jesus bringing Lazarus back to life.

8. Enrichment Activity 2 Matching Game by Tricia MacNeil 

9. A smelly fish might be a good way to explain why Martha was so concerned about Jesus having the tomb opened after Lazarus had already been dead for four days.  If weather permits, have this lesson outside on the lawn.  Bring the fish in a small cooler.  At the proper time in the lesson, let them see the fish allowing them a chance to smell it.  Everyone was expecting Lazarus' body to be like this fish, smelly and decayed.  Jesus would soon die on the cross and be resurrected.  He is our Savior and He has the power to bring himself back to life! Can a dead person do anything? No, but Jesus has power even over death. Why did Jesus need to die then? He died for us. We are sinful and our sins are offensive, just like the smell of a rotting fish is offensive and smelly to us.  Jesus was good friends with Lazarus and used His power to bring Lazarus back to life.  It truly was a miracle.  (Idea adapted by L. Fischer)

10. Handout Idea - Bring wooden clothespins and have your class wrap strips of material around the bottom of the clothespin and draw faces on the top part to make Lazarus. They can glue pieces of yarn on the head for hair. Give each child a styrofoam cup. Have them crinkle up old newspaper to make a rock to fit in the top of the cup.  Place them place Lazarus in the tomb and encourage them to retell the story to their families. (Danielle's Place)

11. Latter-Day Chatter

12. Make gingerbread cookies and using Fruit-by-the-Foot, have them wrap their cookies up just like Lazarus.  Then have them remove (eat) the Fruit-by-the-Foot because he was brought back to life.

13. I can be resurrected, just like Jesus (craft idea)

14. What did Jesus do before Lazarus came out? He prayed. Challenge your class to pray everyday this week. Let them make little charts to help them remember.  Ask them next week how their week was.

15. Valiant 10 Newsletter by Fran English

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