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                                                             (Taken from the June 2011 Friend Magazine)

 Articles of Faith Activity
 Article of Faith Activity
 Article of Faith Carnival by Hope Andrews
 Article of Faith Easter Egg Hunt
 Articles of Faith Quarterly Activity Idea by Cyndi Murdock
 Articles of Faith Scavenger Hunt - Hide objects that relate to each Article of Faith
Article of Faith Sundaes by Lori Joffs
 Faith-O-Meter by Lynette Zaugg
Know your Articles of Faith and Split
 Thirteen Articles of Faith Ice Cream Challenge by Robin Maiava - Stake Primary Activity


 Article of Faith 1
 Article of Faith 2
 Article of Faith 3
 Article of Faith 4
 Article of Faith 5
 Article of Faith 6
 Article of Faith 7
 Article of Faith 8
 Article of Faith 9
 Article of Faith 10
 Article of Faith 11
 Article of Faith 12
 Article of Faith 13

Subway Art Printable

 Articles of Faith Candy Bar Wrapper 1
 Articles of Faith Candy Bar Wrapper 2
 The Big 13 from The Idea Door
 Article of Faith Magnets - Make your own fun magnets!  

 Articles of Faith in Home Evening
 The Articles of Faith Family Night (Credit Unknown)
 Article of Faith Keywords

All things bright and beautiful

 Give Bit O’Honey candy, bumblebee cookies or a beehive shaped cake to show what we "bee"lieve.
 We "Bee"lieve Treats
 Article of Faith Game on
 Article of Faith Jeopardy by Sara Hunsaker
 Articles of Faith Key Words
 Articles of Faith Matchup
 Articles of Faith Math, November 1995 Friend
 Article of Faith Name Changes, September 1995 Friend
 Articles of Faith Word Maze
 Have the players stand back about eight feet and throw a bean bag into a muffin tin. The muffin tin has numbers in the bottom. The person has to say the Article of Faith corresponding to the number of the partition the bag lands in. Younger children can repeat the Articles of Faith with you.
 Keyword Maze from April 1995 Friend, Funstuff
 Memory Game - using Article of Faith Key Words
 Two Article of Faith Matchup Games - match article with picture
 Articles of Faith Bookmark
 Article of Faith Card by Courtney Davis 
Article of Faith Gum Wrappers by Laurette Woodward
Subway Art Printable

 13 Articles of No Faith
The 14th Article of Faith


French Article of Faith Cards by Sarah Bryan
 Spanish Article of Faith Cards by Veronica Cortez

 Articles of Faith - Your Right to Revelation
 “We Believe. …”: Development of the Articles of Faith

 Article of Faith Bouquets by Jessica Pohlman
 Article of Faith Cards from Little LDS Ideas
 Article of Faith Challenge by Carrie Cutler
 Article of Faith Encouragement
 Article of Faith Keys by Sarah Griffin
Article of Faith Memorization Cards by Caroline Otto
Article of Faith Pass Off Cards by Valerie Lee
 Article of Faith Punch Card by Kathy Ladle
Article of Faith Punch Cards
 Article of Faith Punch Cards by Lindsey Erickson
 Article of Faith Q-Cards - put the Article of Faith Cards on a key ring to practice.
 Article of Faith Ring Cards by Alana Lee 
 Ice Cream Chart
 I lamented long and hard as to how to "reward" our children when they finished all 13 Articles of Faith. I finally realized that the reward was completing the task. We acknowledge their accomplishment in Opening Exercise, just like when someone graduates from Primary or whatever, but that's it. No whistles or bells or treats, just a handshake and a good job.  Funny thing is, I thought that by offering a treat or a prize, everyone would want to race to 13. But they are more excited without the prize, and we have more kids close to memorizing all 13 than we have in past years when there were incentives.  (Elaine in California)
 Our Primary did a cute thing a few years ago. They made a necklace for each child out of plastic cord and a shield cut out of yellow foam with a wire attaching it to the necklace. Each article of faith was a different colored bead that they could earn when they passed it off to their teacher or member of the primary presidency. When they did all thirteen they got a gold metallic bead which made it even -  7 beads on each side of the shield. The teachers were encouraged to do it as well. The children were reminded to wear their necklaces every week so they would be ready to earn more beads.  Teachers were asked to use extra class time to practice with the children and pass off Articles of Faith. I was a teacher at the time and still have my necklace. The presidency kept track of each child's progress with a basic spreadsheet. (Idea shared by Rebecca from Texas  / ga06182007)
 Progressing through the Articles of Faith by Debbie Douglass - FUN IDEA!
 Punch Cards
The Articles of Faith Help Sheet by Amy Foster

 Ideas and helps and visual aids for teaching the Article of Faith Songs
Article of Faith Song Helps for each Article of Faith by Loretta Harbertson [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13]

 Article of Faith Keywords - God Punished Mankinds principles, called primitive tongues (and the) Bible revealed Isreal worshipping Kings. Honest!  (Each word summarizes each Article of Faith.  For example, the first word is "God".  The 1st AOF is about God, etc.  Use this sentence to teach the Article of Faith Keywords.)
 Encouraging Primary children to memorize the Articles of Faith - We have a poster board with pockets and a punch card for each child to track their progress. WE reconize those who have passed all 13 during closing exercises and give them a "Big 13" candy bar.  We also have encouraged the teachers help in that when the entire class has passed all 13 we bring them treats during class time. This worked well as the teachers would use the time as kids were coming to class or the weeks when the lesson ends early to practice the Articles of Faith.  (Idea by Megan)
 Teaching the Articles of Faith in Primary from LDS Treasures
 We give our children die-cut keys for each article of faith they have learned. There is a color for each article and a "key word" on each key for that particular Articles of Faith. We give them a metal ring to put them on when they get their first key. They usually keep these in their scriptures. We started out just doing this for the Senior Primary, but the Junior started memorizing their articles of faith also and expected their keys. When they complete them, we give them a cookie tree that our Primary President has made. It is not a competition, just an incentive, and our kids are memorizing like crazy. They love it. It is also nice at the end of their "primary career" to have the keys available to know what articles they have passed off if they have lost their books, or have failed to record everything in there.  I am referring to their Faith in God books.  (Idea by Rebekah Wyckoff)


 Article of Faith Posters (8x10) 


 Articles of Faith Charm Keyring, Bracelet 
 Article of Faith Stickers
 Cross Stitch, "I Know My Articles of Faith"
Article of Faith Puzzles by Heather Baer - each puzzle is a different shape that goes along with that Article of Faith.  (Hands for the 5th, a church for the 6th, a gift for the 7th, etc.)
 Article of Faith Rebus
 Keyword Maze
 Word Search Puzzles
 One Liners


 Being a missionary using the Articles of Faith by Cara Webber 
 I Believe in the Articles of Faith
 Respect the Law/Article of Faith Key Words
 The Articles of Faith (January 1995, The Friend)
 The Gospel is Restored

 Article of Faith Skit by Tanya Knudsen

 Articles of Faith: The Girl in the Mirror,” New Era, Aug 2005,  12
 Articles of Faith: The Price I Couldn't Pay, September 2005 New Era
 Article of Faith Story
 Using the Articles of Faith
 Online Quiz on the Articles of Faith - Give it a try!
 The Red Headed Hostess - 3 quizzes for the Articles of Faith

Article of Faith Tracking Chart by Courtney
 Article of Faith Tracking Sheet by Cami White

VIDEO CLIPS:  Check your church library to see if they have any of these videos...
 The Articles of Faith

 Articles of Faith Page from the Idea Door


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