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Lesson 19

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PURPOSE: To help each child have the desire to help those who are less active return to full activity in the Church of Jesus Christ.

1. Primary 7 Lesson Cards

2. A prodigal journey

3. Story with clipart from Friend Magazine

4. Valiant 10 Newsletter by Fran English

5. The Lost Sheep, the Lost Coin and the Prodigal Son by Ericka Covalt - Power Point Presentation

6.  Game - Reinforce the idea of repentance being to turn around. Have students line up. Ask review questions. If the person answering gets it right, everyone moves forward. If the person gets it wrong, they have to face the back wall. If the next person gets it right, declare: REPENT, and everyone turns forward again and gets to move one step up. (Don't use repent to face the back - reinforce the idea that you turn away from wrong and toward right). You can even put a smiley face at the front of the room and a frown at the back. (Credit - EBible Teacher)

7.  The lost coin game - Hide chocolate coins (or clipart of coins) around the room (or outside in a contained area) and let them search for them.  Explain that the joy they feel when they find one is the same kind of joy Heavenly Father feels when we repent and follow His commandments.

8. The Lost Sheep Puzzle, January 2007 Friend

9. To accompany the parable of the lost sheep, made photocopies of sheep on construction paper and hide them in various places throughout the room; under the table, chairs, etc. The children were "shepherds". Each child went searching for his one lost sheep. Upon finding the sheep, he took it to the art table and glued cotton ball "wool" on it. (Idea by Joanna)

10. I altered the popular "Doggie Doggie Where's Your Bone" game to fit the parable of the lost sheep. One child "It" was taken out of the room to be the shepherd. I then gave a white washcloth to a child to hide by sitting on it. We chanted "Shepherd, Shepherd, where's your sheep. He is missing from your keep." The shepherd returned to the room and had three guesses as to who was hiding the sheep. (Idea by Joanna)

11. Write the following on the chalkboard (see image).  Have the class tell what they think the three stories have in common.   Heavenly Father loves people who obey him.  He also loves those that make mistakes.  When we make mistakes, he wants us to repent so we can come back and live with him.

12. Lesson 19 Activity Sheets by Pam Nisson 

13. Emma's Place 

14. Feed My Sheep Handout by Chelsea Markham 

15. Prodigal Son Activity Sheets (off-site)

16. Lost Sheep/Coin Activity Sheets (off-site)

17. Game idea from LDS Family Fun

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