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Lesson 17

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PURPOSE: To help each child understand and apply the spiritual messages in two of the parables Jesus told.

1. Primary 7 Lesson Cards

2.  Game - Parable of the Sower from Funstuf - October 1999 Friend

3.  Have the class act out this parable together.  Talk about what happened to each of the seeds.  Explain that the seeds in the scripture represent the gospel of Jesus Christ.

4.  Seeds that fall on the path (off-site)

5. Primary 7 (Lesson 17) Attention Activity Printable by Katie Lewis 

6. A hands on activity - Bring to class a small sample of each of the following types of soil in baggies: Mud, Clay, Sand, Potting soil, Gravel)  Explain to the children that they are going to play a little guessing game.  Have them all close their eyes.  Now pass the soil samples around and let them feel the baggies and try to guess what's inside.  Once everyone has had a chance to guess have them open their eyes and see how close they were to being correct.

7. Parable of the Sower

8. Lesson 17 Cryptogram by Pamela Nisson 

9. A sower went out to sow (off-site)

10. Handout Idea - How do seeds (we) grow?  Relate the parable of the sower to us.

11. Valiant 10 Newsletter by Fran English

12. The Parables of the Sower and the Wheat and Tares by Ericka Covalt - Power Point Presentation

13. Match the meanings of the parable by Wendi Baggaley

14. A Wormy Story -

Materials needed: Fake fishing worms, one per child with a thread put through the end of it and tied off, Two pages of heavy paper per child, Scissors, Pencils and markers, Glue or glue stick.  Here is what you need to prepare in advance - Put the two pages together and staple the fold. Cut a hole in the bottom 1/3 of the first three pages in the same spot for each one.  It should be large enough for the worm to fit through.  Tie the thread onto the front of the book at the stapled edge.  This is to keep the worm with the book.  The string should be long enough to go through each opened page to the last one.  Print all the following text onto one sheet of paper and Xerox enough copies for each child to have the complete page.  Cut the page texts apart.  The front of the book is considered the first page.

Page 1 -Willy (Wilhemina) Worms Adventures In The Field/by (child' name)
Page 2 -(back of front page)-(blank)
Page 3 -Willy the Worm was visiting a field one day when he saw quite a sight.  The farmer had tossed out some seeds onto the pathway.  A whole flock of birds came and cleaned up all the seeds.  Boy, they didn't leave a crumb!  Willy was sure to stay out of the way.  He didn't want to be eaten too!
Page 4-Willy decided to get out of there, so he moved onto another place in the field.  It was really rocky there.  The farmer had tossed some seeds there too.  Some of the seeds had sprouted but the ground was too rocky and they couldn't grow roots.  The plants didn't look too good.  Then the sun came out and shone very hot.  The poor plants just shriveled up and died.
Page 5-Willy was looking for a place to eat his lunch and rest.  He found where some seeds had sprouted and grown.  He sat down to rest and....ow! He sat on a thorn.  In fact there were thorny plants all around him.  They were choking out the other good plants.  He was sad.
Page 6- Finally Willy came to some nice tall strong plants.  They looked really healthy and strong and gave him some good shade.  Ah!  Willy sat down to enjoy the cool breeze and shade.  These plants had grown in some good soil and were doing well.  The farmer would get some nice grain from them when he harvested them.
Page 7- (blank)

Give each child a book and explain that they will be making a book with a boy or girl worm.  It will be their own story book.  They are to draw and color the pictures for each of the four scenes and add the appropriate text to the bottom of the page.  When they are done go through the story together moving the worm from page to page through the hole.


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