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 Articles of Faith Activity - This activity was originally created for the youth but could easily be adapted to an activity with your girls.

 Another Article of Faith Activity

 Article of Faith Carnival by Hope Andrews

 Article of Faith Easter Egg Hunt

 Article of Faith Magnets - Have the girls make their own Article of Faith Magnets.  Have them bring a large baby food jar to decorate as storage for the magnets.

 Article of Faith Jeopardy by Sara Hunsaker 

 Articles of Faith Scavenger Hunt - Hide objects that relate to each article.

Article of Faith Puzzles by Heather Baer - each puzzle is a different shape that goes along with that Article of Faith.  (Hands for the 5th, a church for the 6th, a gift for the 7th, etc.)

 Article of Faith Skit by Tanya Knudsen 

 Article of Faith Stations by Jessica Breur

 Memory Game - A matching game using Article of Faith key words

 Preparing for Young Women (Activity based around 13th Article of Faith) by Karen Forrest

  Tic-Tac-Toe - I use masking tape to create a big tic tac toe grid on the floor. I divide the girls
into Xs and Os, giving each girl an index card with the X or O on it.  Then I ask questions about the As of F and if the team member gets it right, she stands in one of the squares. Play continues til one team has three in a row. (Credit Unknown)

 Two Article of Faith Matchup Games - match article with picture



 Article of Faith Tracking Sheet by Cami White


Memorizing the Articles of Faith is a requirement for this program.  Here are ideas for each individual article of faith.  For more ideas, go to the Articles of Faith main page.

 Article of Faith 1
 Article of Faith 2
 Article of Faith 3
 Article of Faith 4
 Article of Faith 5
 Article of Faith 6
 Article of Faith 7
 Article of Faith 8
 Article of Faith 9
 Article of Faith 10
 Article of Faith 11
 Article of Faith 12
 Article of Faith 13


 Article of Faith Q-cards - Perfect for putting on a key ring and letting the girls put on their scripture totes.

 Articles of Faith: Have the players stand back about eight feet and throw a bean bag into a muffin tin. The muffin tin has numbers in the bottom. The person has to say the Article of Faith corresponding to the number of the partition the bag lands in. For some of the less active girls, they an repeat the Articles of Faith with you.

Article of Faith Memorization Cards by Caroline Otto

 Article of Faith Punch Cards by Lindsey Erickson

 Article of Faith Ring Cards by Alana Lee

 I have 4 girls of my own, three have been through the Activity Days Program with the same teacher and she just has the girls sing an article of faith for the opening song every time they meet. Also, if they are doing a project that is pretty do it yourself she leaves the articles of faith playing in the back ground. After one year the girls KNOW their articles of faith without even thinking about it! I thought it was a great no brainer way to teach!  (Idea by Rene)

 Seeking these things.... by Angela Williams

 My girls seem to need a little boost with their articles of faith, so I devised a way for them to reward themselves. I got a multi pack of polymer clay (bakes hard in the oven, sculpy or fimo) Anyway, I had them make 13 beads with the holes in them. I have some leather strips and "O" rings that they will lace them on as they learn them. I keep the beads and they get them as they recite them to me. (Idea by Sally Meyer)

Article of Faith Gum Wrappers

 (Idea by Ivy Bonhorst / ga01102007) We've got an Article of Faith allotted for each month, with #1&2 combined for January. At the beginning of every activity, while we're waiting for people to get there, we listen to the primary song for that Article of Faith over and over. I encourage the girls to sing along with it. We work on trying to memorize the AOF and then, those that feel comfortable, can recite it to me, get it marked off as memorized and receive a mini-candy bar of their choice. It was funny when I brought out the candy bars as incentive... the girls all got a little louder singing and really tried to learn it.  Because we have 2 activities a month, they have 2 activities to practice that Article of Faith and try to get it passed off. If they've already passed it off, they still get a candy bar if they can recite it for me.  The other thing we've done to add to that is to give each girl a recorded CD of all the primary Article of Faith songs, so they can sing and practice them at home. We'll be working towards another Article of  Faith ice cream party at the end of the year, too. That was such a hit last year.

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