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Shared by Amy / ga04292008
Amy writes, "I think it's important to remember we are counseled to teach the things from the manual, obviously we have the lesson outlines for a purpose.  I also think it's important to remember to be sensitive to the girl's needs and the spirit.  I prayed a lot regarding this lesson and the following outline was the end result of much prayer and thought that was personal for my girls...

The objective of the lesson is that each young woman will understand how the priesthood can bless families. 
I used the "priesthood shoes" object lesson.  I had one of the girls walk around in my husband's shoe untied.  We talked about how it's hard to keep it on and walk.  Then she put the other shoe on and tied it.  We talked about how it's easier to walk with it tied... "the priesthood is the binding force in the family and the church.  The priesthood helps us to function effectively at home and church, it brings order and direction."

Then we spoke about blessings recieved through the priesthood.  I had the girls talk about them as I wrote them on the board... we discussed:

-baby blessings
-membership in the church
-git of the holy ghost
-guidance in the home (present and future)
-home teachers
-caring bishop or branch president
-guidance from living prophets and apostles
-patriarchal blessings
-father's blessings
-temple endowment and sealings
-setting aparts for callings and missionary service
We spoke briefly about how some of these bless our families...

-patriarchal blessings: shared this quote from Pres. Monson Nov. 86 "A patriarchal blessing litterally contains chapters from your book of eternal possibilities.  It is your passport to peace in this life."  I asked the girls how getting your patriarchal blessing, which is a blessing to you from the priesthood, can bless your family as well.
-sacrament: talked about how the priesthood is God's poewr on the earth. The preisthood who bless the sacrament open the door for us, but just like all other blessings of the priesthood we must be worthy to receive the blessings. 

I shared this quote by Elder Dallin H. Oaks "Those who hold the Aaronic Priesthood open the door for all church members who worthily partake of the sacrament to enjoy the companionship of the spirit of the Lord and the ministering of angels."

We then read D&C 121:41-45 and asked What are the leadership qualities that priesthood leaders are to develop?  We discussed and listed some of these on the chalkboard:

-love unfienged
-virtuous thoughts
-reproving when moved upon by the Holy Ghost and afterwards showing an increase of love
I asked "How would you feel about being led by someone who has these qualities?"

Then we discussed some of the people we listed when talking about blessings recieved through the priesthood. 

-prophets: strengthen our families by showing us how to follow Jesus and walk in His light.  Prohets counsel us to: have FHE, study scriptures, pray daily, honor your parents, pay tithing, go to church, love on another, etc.  I asked the girls if there was counsel from the prophets in particular that would be a blessing from the priesthood for families.  They said FHE and we read this quote from the 1st presidency in 1976  "Regular participation in family home evening will develop increased personal worth, family unity, love for our fellowmen, and trust in our Father in Heaven.  It is our promise that great blessings will come to all who conscientiously plan and hold weekly family home evenings."  We talked about how this will bless and strengthen family relationships.

-Bishops and branch presidents: quote from Elder Robert D. Hales "All members of the church can turn to their bishops when they are in need of help and can feel secure in his love for them and can have conficence in following his counsel."

-Home Teachers: "Home teaching is not just another program.  It is the priesthood way of watching over the saints and accomplishing the mission of the church.  Home teaching is not just an assignment. It is a sacred calling."  I shared a personal experience with the girls: when I graduated high school I moved to live with my older sister and her husband.  She is a member, her husband is not.  They did not have the priesthood in their home.  It made me realize a few things.  One being that it is important to rely on your home teachers and other brethren in the branch as priesthood holders.  The home teachers are there to watch over us.  And also reminded me how important it was for me to find a worthy priesthood holder to marry in the temple, because I wanted the priesthood in my home.

-Fathers: quote from the manual "There is no higher authority in matters relating to the family organization, and especially when that organization is presided over by one holding the higher priesthood, than that of the father.  The authority istime honored, and among the people of God in all dispensations it has been highly respected and often emphasized by the teachings of the prophets who were inspired of God.  the patriarchal order is of divine origin and will continue throughout time and eternity."  I shared a special experience about a time I recieved a father's blessing and asked the girls about any experiences they wanted to share.  I inteded to share the story from Elder Bateman's talk but didn't have enough time.

I asked the girls to look back at qualities priesthood leaders are to develop, reminded them we talked about being led by someone with these qualities.  Now I asked them how they would feel about being married to someone with these qualities.  Priesthood can bless our families now as well as our future families.  Marrying a worthy priesthood holder was very important for me.  I shared a special experience regarding my husband's preisthood power.  

I asked the girls to think of a priesthood leader in their life they admire and respsect and think of a way they could support the priesthood holders in their life.  I made some cookies and had a little thank you tag on them for the girls to take to one of the priesthood holders in her life. 

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