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by "Sons of Ammon" / ga04142008

 "The Sons of Ammon" he and his friend prefer to be called, have graciously shared songs they wrote and performed for their seminary students to go along with the scripture mastery scriptures.  And better yet, it's free!  Click on the following links to hear their songs:

~ Old Testament
~ New Testament
~ Book of Mormon
~ Doctrine & Covenants
~ Apostle Song


~ Click here to go to a list of all seminary music from the Church's website

Comments (6)
  • Ckaz Dean

    :lol: Thanks for making memorizing fun!!!

  • carellyn

    The Sons of Ammon saved the day with me and our whole seminary. It made the scripture mastery easier! I made cd's of them and sent them home with my students. For the past 4 years the mojoriy of my students memorized all the scripture masteries. My first four years of teaching without the songs and most of my students did not memorize them. Thank you for the scripture mastery songs.

  • Paula Bothwell  - Love the Songs! New updates?

    I have looked all over the internet to find information about Sons of Ammon. Our seminary students had great success memorizing scriptures last year and we are looking forward to this new year with the Book of Mormon. I was wondering - are there new songs somewhere for the new scripture mastery that just were announced? I'd love a link or way to get them, if there are.

    Thanks for providing a really fun, really enjoyable service! We appreciate your talents!

    Paula Bothwell
    Roswell, GA

  • Julie  - Seminary teacher

    Ditto to what Paula said!

  • Matt  - Sons of Ammon Contact

    I have looked all over, too. If you know them, you should ask if they are okay with someone using their free music to make money on iTunes.

    It doesn't seem right, and if there is money being made on their songs, maybe they should have the right to it.

    I am just not a fan of plagiarism and violation of copyright law.

  • Randy Pinder  - New Book of Mormon Songs

    You can find the 8 new songs here. option=com_content&view=article&id=10217

    These meet copyright laws due to their transformation and use for religious teaching. But they should never by put up for sale.

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