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ADDITIONAL FILES - The files below were posted with a previous version of this song, but I am keeping them here in case they are helpful to anyone.

UPDATED (2/28/2011) - Sonja Reynolds has shared some updated files for this song: 

alt Click here for an mp3 of The Apostle Song accompaniment (with corrected rhythms to updated text).
alt Click here for a transposed version of "The Apostle Song".  It's in F (up a M3; the current key of D is too low for Primary children to sing). The notation is fixed for proper voicing.  The layout is cleaned up for one page printing.

alt Apostle Song Cue Cards by Jennifer Lund
alt Sheet Music for Apostle Song and Apostle Song Visuals - shared by Tasha. (ga03292014)
alt Tara Tarbet has shared her talents as well and added guitar chords to Valerie's sheet music.  Click here to open the sheet music with guitar chords.  Thank you Tara!! (ga05192008)

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Comments (3)
  • Fran

    The cue cards are great! And they are up to date by the way. Thanks!!

  • Michelle

    Can anyone tell me where I can get a copy of the music that is not in a video that I could put on a CD to listen to in my car?

  • Michelle

    Can anyone tell me where to get a download of the song that I could put on a cd to play in my car?

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