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 Flip Flop Activity by Michelle Barneck - Appropriate Sunday Dress/Attire....not looking like you are on your way to the beach

Canned Food Scavenger Hunt - Teams could gather food and paper items for a local shelter or Ronald McDonald House.  The team with the most items could receive a reward/certificate.  Everyone could meet afterwards for ice cream sundaes.  The key to successful service projects is being very organized and bringing the youth together at the end of the activity to talk about what they did, how they felt, and the purpose of service.
Drive-by service - We just show up at someone's house and do as much as we can in a short amount of time. This has been well received. We generally check with the husband to see if his wife would be home. One of my favorite times was when we showed up at the house of a young mom who had just had her third baby. It was just getting to bed time when we got there. We had the girls organized into teams, and one team took the mom into a room and gave her a massage and did her nails.  Another team helped the children tidy their rooms and then read to them.  One team cleaned the kitchen, one the front room, one the bathrooms. We left her with some flowers and headed on our way. We were there about half an hour. (Idea by Lynn M.)
 Get a clue by Barbara Clarke - Scavenger Hunt with a twist
 Library Scavenger Hunt
Mall scavenger hunt - Scriptures send you around the mall to look in different stores. Example: The article of faith about living the law of the land sends you to Mall Security where you ask the officer in charge for the short version of what happens to shoplifters. Girls were in teams with the scripture clues and leaders had the answers in case they couldn't figure them out. The final clue was about the land of milk and honey and it led us to an ice cream shop for a treat.  (Be sure to contact the mall in advance).
 Pizza Scavenger Hunt by Nathan Virgin
 Service Scavenger Hunt
 Service Scavenger Hunt by Angela Williams
Something that always needs to be done, but rarely is, is to clean out the trash cans in the building. Paper towels, plastic scrapers (to get off gunk and gum), and disposable rubber gloves are all that are needed. You could finish off the night with hot chocolate to emphasize that "warm feeling" you get from doing something for the Lord that no one else really wants to do. You could start the evening with a discussion centered on "what would you do to show Heavenly Father that you love him." They may come up with big things, and then you can talk about small things that are important...and then get scrubbing. (Idea by Kristen H.)
 Ultimate Road Rally by Julie McHood
YW Photo Scavenger Hunt by Lisa Clayson
 We did an activity last night, that was a huge success, we did a Service Scavenger hunt. There is a Woman's and Children's shelter in a town near us that was in need of supplies, so we obtained a list of items from them, and then we sent that list around RS and in the sacrament program, with an explanation of what we were doing. Then the week before the event, we sent around a sign up sheet for those who wanted to participate (we didn't want to just show up at people's houses and ask for stuff), then we divided the houses up evenly into 3 teams and headed off. We had great success, we had 35 houses that signed up, and we couldn't believe the amount of donations we received!!! It was a great service project, that didn't damage our budget, and the girls really enjoyed it!! We did have treats afterwards, and the team that came back with them most items crossed off on the list received a bag of mini candy bars.  (Idea by Penny Petersen / ga09192008)

 We went hiking and had preplanned a scavanger hunt, we taught them how to use compasses and it fit in with prayer, relying on the Spirit and how to get through the tough times in life. It was so much fun because we put them in 5 groups of 3 and they had to try to work it out together, if they were in the right spot and if they were totally off track then they could get a leaders help in redirecting their coures. And then at the end they found the big treasure. We had a few treats like Nestle treasure chocolates, or some gold coins and a scripture to go with it: for where ever your treasure is there will your heart be also. The girls loved it and as a leader I'd say it was a hudge success, then they were to go home and have a family home eveing about what they had learned. (Idea by Heather in Oregon)
 We've done video scavenger hunts a variety of ways.  Try finding something from A-Z in order - have to find something that starts with A, then B, then C, etc. trying to be the most creative.  We've also done value colors - something the color of the value that also represents the value.  I've also heard of doing it like a real scavenger hunt - give them a list of things they have to find - someone swinging, children singing a Primary song, etc. - about 20 things on the list.  We live in a small town so there's not a lot of driving around to find what they need.  (Idea by Jane Ficiur)


 Annual Back-to-school breakfast
 Back to School Kickoff
Start of School Spa Night
 Taking Time for Yourself by Brandi Sorensen
 The Importance of Inner Beauty by Tracy Bassett 

 Falling Asleep with the Scriptures - Pillowcases that you can make with a pocket for scriptures to remind you to read daily.
 Gaming with a twist by Nanci Jarman
 Scripture Basketball by Shannon
Scripture Charades - Cards are written up before the activity begins.  Each card has some type of scripture story or reference written on it.  There are two teams and the girls on the teams take turns acting out the stories for the other girls on their team.  Stories could be: Ammon, the missionary; Noah and the Ark; Adam and Eve; Cain and Abel; King Noah and Abinadi; Samuel the Lamanite, etc.
 Scripture Scavenger Hunt
 Spoon Party by Charlene Hunt
 Use a quart jar and make a scripture jar.  Have the girls cut up the following scriptures and fold them up and put them in a jar.  You can decorate the jar if you want to.  The idea is to read a scripture in the morning before getting out of bed and one before getting into bed
YW Value Colored Crayons - encouraging your YW to read the Book of Mormon

 Gender Gap by Randi Harris


 The Importance of Inner Beauty by Tracy Bassett 

SERVICE  (See "Good Works")
Learning to Quilt - Find some fabric with large, cute shapes (animals, dolls, etc.) on it.  Put a think batting and backing behind it.  Teach the girls to quilt around the outside of the shape.  Then frame them in a large wooden hoop and decorate it with ribbon and silk flowers.
 Value Pillow by Gwen Musick

 TV Commercials by the Youth by Michelle Runger 

SPECIAL (See "Unique")
Building a Fortress by Heather Ingalls - Learning to build a fortress of faith.  Idea to increase spirituality.
"We don't waffle" - Gaining spiritual strength in making righteous decisions.  Incorporates a fun "waffle bar" and plays of the word "We don't waffle in our decisions" :)
 A night of pampering by Sandy Workman
 Personal Appearance Tips (SPA Night)
 Spa Party
 Wax strong

 Mock Track Meet
 Mud Football

 I thought a good idea for a St. Patrick's Day idea would be making soda bread with the girls. They can make several loaves to give to neighbors, retirement homes, etc.  (Idea by Lydia Oser / ga08052008)
 Leprechaun Hunt
 Leprechaun Hunt by Sisters in Zion
St. Patrick's Day Breakfast for the Young Women

 Penny Walk - We did a penny hike recently for a combined activity - flipping a coin at each intersection - but before hand chose a life choice  for each direction - go on a date before you are 16 or wait until you are 16 and go in a group - the wrong choices kept going further down, repentance was offered along the way several times, to bring them back to the right point in life. (by Kathy Pitt / ga05262008)

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