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 Mall Seek and Find by Susan Staus
 Welcome to the Straightway Mall
 Who can find a virtuous woman?
 Zion's Place Mall


 A man panel by Jen Boss
 Preparing for Marriage Activity by Linda King
Ring Shopping Activity


 Good news by Jeanni Gould
 We talked about "What kind of literature is at your finger tips?" We tore out things that were not 'Virtuous, Lovely, or of Good Report' from a popular teen magazine....then 'attempted' to do the s...ame with a NEW ERA. But there was nothing to remove! ;) All in an effort to show all the junk the world puts in the faces of women....Then we painted our nails like this as as reminder of the lesson for the week. It was fun and the girls really paid attention! (Idea by Jody Means)


 Bath Salt Activity by Liz Horton 
 Beanie Hats
 Something that our young women love to do is to have an activity that centers around object lessons ... everyone brings in an object lesson to present to the group. You can find tons online - it's fun and spirit-filled.  (Idea by Lorna)
 Tower of Flour Game by Jill Garrison


 Assign each girl to bring a different ingredient. At the activity discuss how each person is important and when they aren't there they are missed.  Put the ingredients together and make the cake, even if someone is missing.   Make a cake prior to the activity (as a backup) to show them how it really would of turned out if all were present.
Birthday service project - One of the Sister Missionaries from our ward had a birthday last week. We got together and made cookies, birthday cards, wrote little notes about favorite Book of Mormon stories and/or testimonies that could be put in Book of Mormon's the missionaries are giving out, and we put together stuff for a Birthday Party! We included some money for a purchased cake (like a frozen one at the grocery store), Barbie Princess B-day party crowns, napkins, paper plates, cups, matches and candles, 2 invitations -- on to the B-day missionary and 1 to her companion "where" was their apartment, "When" her birthday, etc. We added a couple of little things you would put in a bag to send home -- Barbie bracelets and sparkly pens (these were all things left over from a b-day party we had previously.  It was especially nice, because a lot of it is the same as her little sister had for HER birthday this year, and the missionary wasn't there for that -- so got to enjoy it in a little different way, 2 months later!!)  I also added 2 cans of Silly String. It ends up that her companion's birthday was 3 days before hers!  We got to look at her picture hanging in the church hall, so everyone would know who they were being of service to. We ate the cookies as our treat, and sent a plate to Bishopric Meeting that night. (They were thrilled to get it!) I explained service benefits many -- how a fun little act -- making cookies -- could be of such service to so many people. They were concentrating on how they were making them for this Sister Missionary, but weren't even thinking how it was of benefit to them (they were eating cookies at that same time,) we included some little sisters in our treat time -- the were of service to them, they were of service to the Missionary, and helping her enjoy her birthday and feel good things from home, and we were of service to the Bishopric! They were amazed at how much service they really had been, but having so much fun!! (Idea by Perry Benjamin)
 Christmas in July by Angela Williams - Missionary Care Packages
 I hope they call me on a mission by Andi Gooch
 I hope they call me on a mission by Tara
M&M Jeopardy by Diane Stumpf - You could adapt this game to be a youth activity.
 MTC Experience
Missionary Boot Camp
 Missionary Scavenger Hunt by Emily Hodges
 Missionary Work Activity from A Little Tipsy
 Watch the movie, "Called to Serve" (check your Ward Library).  Have each girl write their testimony in the front cover of a Book of Mormon.  Challenge them to give them away or donate them to the local missionaries.


alt Mall Seek and Find by Susan Staus
alt Modesty Fashion Show from Jen Magazine
alt Modesty Mall Activity by Ashley Howe
alt Modesty Mini Fashion Show
alt Newspaper Modesty
alt Pockets of Resistance by Barbara Olsen
alt Project Runway: Modesty Activity and Printables
 Project Runway - We had SO MUCH FUN last night at this activity! I just wanted to share some tips if you try it yourself. We had a little mini lesson about modesty using the "Modest is Hottest" bookmarks and then let the girls loose to each create their own modest outfits. Their favorite materials were the plastic trash bags (in black and white), colored tissue paper, and the many different colors of duct tape I had brought. When they were finished, they each introduced themselves on the "runway" made of a long piece of bulletin board paper with Christmas lights on either side. The bishopric came in to help judge and we crowned the winner with a duct tape crown that said The Hottest Modest. If we did it again, I would have the girls write down their introductions and descriptions of their outfits and have the leaders read them because they got a little flustered. I'd also take more colors of duct tape! (by Sue in Texas)
alt Red Carpet Fashion Extravaganza by Amy Gregson
alt Shopping Modestly by Melanie Litton
alt Skirt Extenders by Barbara
alt Swishing by Lorraine Carter
alt Wacky Fashion Show by Susan Nuttall and Zelma Adams
alt We did a pretty typical modesty presentation at a stake activity several years ago with examples of modest clothing and what would not be modest.  But we also took a poll of young men and men in the ward and even the other ward and told them that we would be addressing the young women regarding modesty and what issues would they want us to share.  I must say, even for having a 19 year old son at the time, that I was surprised that the biggest issue was low cut tops - the bending over, for some even the bending over and putting a hand there to cover up made them (the men or young men) uncomfortable, because they felt like the female thought they were looking down their shirt (new perspective for me!).  The other really big issue was underwear showing when young women were sitting down.  The young men thought it was gross.  There was a young woman there who was somewhat big chested who wore rather low cut tops, but in all other ways she was a great young woman.  I think it was ignorance on her part, and she was so surprised when this topic was brought up, and I did not see her wear low cut tops again.  The girls seemed to respond better when it came from the mouths of young men than just from us as leaders.  Also, I think helping them to see that we all have different body types.  A shirt on one smaller busted young woman is going to fit much differently on someone who is larger chested. (Credit Unknown)


 MormonAd Moments Activity by Melissa Pierson


 I made up a questionnare that the moms filled out and the girls sit in front of the room (moms are the audience) and each girl has a sign that says "that's my mom".  Someone will read statements...and they have to hold up the sign if they think it is their mom.  Next, each girl will say what value they think their mom represents....I made up these handouts in notecard sizes to give to the girls that says: My mother is a woman of _____________ (whatever value they choose) because _______________ and she will be remembered for ____________________. (Some people make the being remembered part funny).  Then they'll say one nice thing they love about their mom - maybe give them a flower.  We have a giftcard to an cupcake shop for the winner.  We'll then close by singing Mother, I love you. (Idea by Tabitha Danson) 
 Home Make-a-thon by Lara Miller
 Motherhood Activity


 A night of pampering by Sandy Workman
 Alphabet Picnic
 Fashion Show - Each girl could dress up as her mother and present a “spotlight” on her mother’s background, interests, etc.  To prepare them for their participation each girl could fill out in advance a “Spotlight on My Mother” form to plan what she would present about her mother.  Costumes could be as simple as an apron or hat, gloves with a garden tool, book about a hobby, etc.
 Get to know your parent by Lizz White
 Mother/Daughter Ice Cream Social by Nicole Ritman


 Conducting Sticks by Ann Marie McKinney 
 Don't forget the lyrics by Tricia Maestas
Memorize the hymns -  Get the young women together and make a game out of learning hymns.  Have memorization games and fun ways to learn the song so they will always remember the words to use them in a hard situation.  Did you know that the church website offers mp3 files that you can download of Hymns, Seminary Music or music published in the Church Magazines?  Click here for more information.  You can have the girls bring their mp3 players if they have them and load the songs on their players for them to listen to.
 Music Workshop

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