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by Melanie Cain / ga03252008

A Young Woman of Excellence
Who we all want to be
Doesn't come easy or even naturally.
You must exercise faith that Heavenly Father is there,
everyday in good works and in scripture and prayer.
You become a great woman when you stand tall and true,
so never give up, because the Savior loves you.
Don't be discouraged, when you make a wrong choice.
Do your best to stick to your values and your inner voice.
It's hard to shine bright when the world is so dark.
The Lord knows your struggles and the journey you've embarked.
Choose your paths wisely and soon you will be,
a Woman of Excellence, shinning bright for all to see.

Comments (6)
  • mylene

    This poem is AWESOME!!!


  • Melanie

    this poem is awesome it really means a lot to me

  • lisa

    this is a excellent comment!!!!!!!!!!! it's really nice...... I fell da spirit about it!!!! So i'm gona stick this poem on my wall mean my room!!!!!!!!!



  • kalise

    hey this is so totally Awesome ;) ilove it (:

  • Carla Santos

    Nossa...como aki neses cantinho tudo é maravilhoso!!!!!!!realmente é maravilhoso serviri nesta organização maravilhosa...Minhas moças são tudo para mim!!!e este poema é lindooooooooooooo... :lol:

  • Rebekah

    I love this poem! It touches my heart so much. :-)

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