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My family recently changed wards within our stake. When we arrived at the new ward, my mom was called as the new Young Women President.  However, we found activivating our girls to be a challenge.  We tried contacting them, planning really fun activities, inviting them to everything, etc. but we were still struggling to get our girls to come. We decided that we needed to pray for an idea to help us get our girls back.

We took colored popsicle sticks and wrote the names of each of our girls on them. Then, we wrote the stake president, bishop, apostles, missionaries, and prophet on other sticks, too. We glued a cute silk daisy head on each stick, and put them in an old-fashioned pint sized canning jar, with decorative rocks on the bottom. We use this as the centerpiece for our table. Every time we say a prayer at an activity or in Young Women's, we draw one stick (sometimes two) and pray for that person.

We saw almost immediate results. One week, we prayed for a Beehive who hadn't come to church for years. The next week, for our combined activity, we went canoeing. When we called to invite her to the activity, she said yes. We had a blast. More of our girls are now completely "reactivated". About two months ago, my sister drew President Hinckley's stick. She did not pray for him, but for his family. I asked her why later, and she said she didn't know, she just felt that they would need support in the coming weeks. That night, he passed away, and then I knew why his family needed support. One week, my name was pulled. Within a few days, one of the people I had considered a friend turned on me because of my beliefs, and I was devastated, yet I could feel the that I had heavenly help to get through that rough time. And the miracles don't stop there. As a young women's group, we have drawn closer to each other and the Savior. I am so grateful for the inspiration that has led to our unity.

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