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by Dianne Gamblin


My name is Tom Turkey and I'm afraid as I can be!
 I'm wearing my disguise so that you won't catch me!

I had a successful singing time last week that was easy and fun. I was teaching a new song from The Friend (called Christmas Day - 1990). As I taught it and saw a child showing great participation and focus, I selected that him/her to help me "Disguise the Turkey" before Thanksgiving Day! I had purchased a large poster of a turkey (at the Hallmark store, educational store, etc.) and had made a seven-piece disguise. We added each piece one by one during the 15-minute singing time, and learned all three verses of the new song while playing our game.  My disguise ideas included (made out of construction paper and placed over the poster): a coat, boots, a top hat, a blonde wig, a beard, sunglasses, an umbrella. Each piece was in a large brown paper bag, scattered around the room. The turkey looked hilarious when we were done and was "safe" for another year. The best part, of course, was the tremendous focus from the children in learning the first of our three new songs to perform at Christmastime. (by Dianne Gamblin)

I'll tell the children that Farmer John was a little upset that Tom the Turkey escaped the Thanksgiving table and has decided that Tom will be Christmas dinner, UNLESS we can disguise him long enough to learn a new Christmas song. Instead of songs on the back of the pieces of the disguise, I'll put phrases from the new song. I'll have a corresponding picture ready to go with each phrase. I'll post each picture up on the board as we learn it, then at the very end I'll have them put them in the proper order and sing the entire song to save Tom the Turkey! (by Margaret Johnson)

We did a small twist on disguise the turkey. I made three of everything....three shirts/dresses/ beach floaty....three eyes/face/swim mask....three noses, three mouths... three pair of shoes.....three tail feather covers - fan....big cookies... umbrella... three hats/hair.. a hammer/purse/bucket. Our chalkboards are magnetic so I put magnets on everything. Print it on regular paper and laminate and the magnets stick easily. It is so easy for the children to change the pieces. Instead of shoot the turkey... the children shot the disguise pieces with a rubber band gun. They absolutely loved this. I wrote the same songs on each pair of shoes... the same on each set of eyes....etc., so that more children would get a turn. We ended up singing about 10 songs. If they chose a song we had already sung then they had the chance to tell the class something they were thankful for.  The children came up with so many clever disguises. If they chose eyes and eyes were already on the turkey then we removed the "old" ones and they placed the new ones. I was concerned that they wouldn't be reverent but I explained that we can get excited and cheer for each other without getting loud and jumping out of our chairs. We use a "silent cheer" in our Primary. The children were so awesome. We had plenty of time to talk about what the things we were thankful for out of each song. (by Questie Reams)

Turkey Poem

Possible outfits:  Disguise 1, Disguise 2

For other outfits try these templates from -  Click here and then scroll down to "Clothes Template".    

Possible turkey: Turkey Top, Turkey Bottom


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