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  Conversation Hearts Repetition/Review Activity by Heather

  (by Katie Beattie) I am taking the conversation heart idea and making a matching game out of it. I loved one sister's idea of the Valentines Heavenly Father has given us because he loves us so I have chosen 8 songs and conversation heart messages to use. When the children find the matches we will talk about what message in the song is a "Valentine" from Heavenly Father.  I am also going to put 4 or 5 "bonus hearts" on the back (which is actually the front) of my hearts so when they turn that one heart over, they have to tell me of someone that they love or someone that loves them or maybe something nice they can do for someone in their family (haven't decided that part yet).

The songs and messages I am using are:

I'LL FOLLOW - Follow Him in Faith
("valentine" = Gospel Truth, Simple Faith, Feel His Love, Many Ways)
LOVE HIM - This is My Beloved Son (The Savior)
BE WISE- Wiseman & the Foolish Man (Choice or Wisdom)
CALL ME - Quickly I'll Obey (Commandments)
URA STAR - I Am Like A Star (Heavenly Father)
4 EVER - Families Can Be Together Forever (Families)
WIN Scripture Power Scripture Power (Scriptures)
#1 - Latter Day Prophets (Prophets)

 Camille's Primary Ideas

  Super Singer Valentines - Use valentines to motivate the children to sing well for whatever song you are working on.  When I see the children singing well, looking at me, paying attention, or just trying really hard to learn the words to a new song, I have one of them come up to the front and pick out a Valentine heart from the ones I have taped to the board. I put little sayings on them so they look just like those little conversation hearts. If they do super well, I have them choose two. They then put them into our mailbox (I found a cardboard one at a dollar store, or you could just decorate a shoe box).  At the end of our singing time, we count up how many Valentines they've earned.  If they earn a certain amount, say 10, they get a little reward like a heart stamp on their hand or a heart sticker to show that they were super singers that day.  If you want, you could see who can earn more that day--junior or senior primary, or do this a couple of weeks in a row and see if they can beat their own previous record.  (Idea by Tina Tai / ga02152010) 

  Mend the broken hearts - First you can talk about how the Savior can help us to overcome our troubles and our heartaches, and mend our broken hearts.  Have several hearts of different colors that are cut in half, and ask a child to choose one.  Put one half on the board, and have the child hide the other half.  Have another child who was out in the hallway come in and find the missing half while the children sing a verse from the song you are learning, getting louder when the child gets closer and softer when he is further away ("Hot and Cold").  See how many hearts they can mend by repeating this for each verse or song you want them to practice.  (Idea by Tina Tai / ga02152010)

  A Valentine Review by Amy Carter
  Valentine Chocolates by Becky Johnson

  Love is in the air

  (by Luana Willis)  I was doing a little research on the "conversation heart" that are as traditional for Valentines day as the Christmas tree is at Christmas...and I thought it would be fun to do a singing time with that as the idea.  I found a bunch of the words they use on hearts and different songs they can be found in.  They sound "lovey dovey" but can actually be found in some of the songs.

I am going to make big hearts in all different colors that look just like the candy, and print the words on the front and write the song and page number on the back, and then put them all over the chalk board.  The idea is that you have to figure out which song the words can be found in.  I have way more than we could possibly sing, but that way there are just lots of choices.  So here you go:

SMILE  267 Smiles
BE TRUE  159 Stand for the Right
CALL ME  197  Quickly I'll Obey
COOL  245  Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime?
I DO  207  Mother I Love You
I WILL  164 I Will Follow God's Plan, or 162 I Will Be Valiant
LOVE  74  I Feel My Saviors Love
LOVE ME  198 A Happy Family or 263 We Are Different
LOVED YOU 136 Love One Another
HE LOVES ME  211 My Dad
BIG KISS  210 Daddy's Homecoming
I'LL WHISPER  208 The Dearest Names
YOU AND ME (or) BE HAPPY 258 Our Primary Colors
HELP ME  263 We Are Different or 161 Choose The Right Way
I'M GLAD  228 My Heavenly Father Loves Me
HOORAY!  201 When Grandpa Comes
GIVE ME A HUG (HUG ME) 200 Grandmother
LOVE HER  198 When We're Helping
SPECIAL  196 Saturday
HAVING FUN 194 The Family
4 EVER 188 Families Can Be Together Forever
SHH!  156 The Chapel Doors
#1  134  Latter Day Prophets
THE BEST  103 When I Am Baptized
WIN  Scripture Power
I'LL FOLLOW  77 The Church of Jesus Christ
PLEASE  60 Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam
LOVES ME  5 I Know My Father Lives
THANKS  20 Thanks To Our Father
I LOVE YOU  208 The Dearest Names
TEACH ME  177 Teach Me To Walk In The Light

Some others that aren't exact quotes, but cute:
URA STAR 163 I Am Like A Star
UR KIND 145 Kindness Begins With Me
WISE UP  281 The Wise Man and the Foolish Man
ILU 206 Mother Dear
DIG ME  237 The Prophet Said to Plant A Garden
EVER AFTER  188 Families Can Be Together Forever
HEART OF GOLD  86 The Golden Plates

Some others you can find on candy:

LET IT BE (Beatles!!)

I think I'll make hearts on popsicle sticks for all the children, and when we get to the words that are on the heart (while we sing the song) I'll have them stick it up in the air.  Maybe they could just stand up or something.

 Cut out a bunch of hearts with song names on the back. Tape them up onto something and have the children pick.

 Name that Primary Song about love

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