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altAccording to the Faith In God booklet, there is suppose to be two activities a year where the girls are given
the opportunity to share with their parents which goals they have been working on and completed.  If you
have others recognition ideas you would like to share you can e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  The previous Achievement Day Program was replaced with the Faith in God program.  With this change, we are asked not to give awards to the girls and boys for their work. also has this statement about the Faith in God recognition: (Awards and Recognition)  "Pendants, lapel pins, and emblems previously awarded are replaced with the Faith in God Award certificate on the last page of the guidebooks. Boys completing the Cub Scout religious requirements will be awarded the Scouting Religious Square Knot patch. More information on recognition is found on page 19 of the Faith in God guidebooks."  Parents and leaders should help the children understand that the joy of living the gospel is the most important reward.  Please be aware that some of the activities listed on this page refer to awards, pins or pendants and that this is no longer to be practiced. 

alt 30 days of smiles for our Bishop

alt Activity Days Recognition Award

alt Activity Days Recognition Invitation

alt  Bloom where you are planted

alt Click here to see Parent Activities that could be made into a Recognition Night

alt Family Olympics

alt Hawaiian Luau

alt Ice Cream Sundae Bar

alt It's in the bag

 January Recognition Evening

alt More Ideas from LDS Activity Days

alt Ocean Theme

alt Plan of Salvation

alt Princess in Training

alt Princess Theme

alt Printable Program - (Made by Mindy) Edit according to your program

alt Scarecrow Dinner

alt Secret Service Recognition Night

 Shining Stars

alt Starting the year off with a bang!

alt We don't "bee"lieve you are special...we know it!

alt What a Character

alt You're a star

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