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by Shauna Hostetler / ga03122008

Remain Steadfast and Immovable With The Young Women Values....

A tag with the above quote will be attached to a bag of these Young Women Value Rocks and given as a favor at our Mother Daughter Dinner.  The Rocks will also be used as part of the table decorations scattered around the centerpieces. 

There are 9 rocks in each set. Seven Rocks with the Young Women Values, and one rock with "Steadfast" and one rock with "Immovable".

These turned out super cute (photograph does not do them justice) and reinforces the theme, "Steadfast and immovable always abounding in Good Works" theme for 2008 along with focusing on the Young Women Values.

These would be a great Young Women Girls Camp Craft or a great Activity for the girls to make on a Weeknight activity.

The above rocks are before the final distressing ink is sponged on.

I adapted the Rock Idea from my friend who made these Gratitude Rocks for our Ward Thanksgiving Dinner Table Decorations. They have been reused for a few years now and are a big hit. They make for great Table Conversation. Each rock features a blessing to be thankful for.....Some are serious and some a light-hearted.

Our Young Women Leaders gathered at my house for a morning and cranked these out. We made enough for 25 sets in just an hour or so. The only thing left to do was to sponge on the distress ink, which I did later when the Mod Podge dried. They are just so cute.

Here are Basic Directions, but nothing is hard fast. All of you crafty people will most likely have a method that works best for you!
  • Purchase 2 bags of Rocks at Home Depot, Lowes, etc. I bought the Large River Rocks and there were still not very many large ones. This was enough to make 25 sets of 9 Rocks.

  • Rinse rocks and let them dry before working with them.

  • Purchase parchment paper to type the words on.

  • Print the words in Dark Brown Ink in various font sizes. Choose the same font style for each one. I used anywhere from 14-20 font size depending on the size of the word(s) and the rocks. I made a page with all the words on it in each font size, this gave a few choices when matching up the rock sizes and the size of the words.

  • Crumple up the printed parchment paper and then open it back up. Carefully tear around each word so the edges are torn and jagged.

  • Use Mod Podge to attach the word to a rock .Coat the rock with the Mod Podge (not too thick) Place the coated rocks on Waxed paper to dry.

  • Once Rocks are dry, use a fine sponge blotted on to a Distress Brown Ink Pad and sponge around the edges of the word and all over the rock. Be careful not to sponge over the top of the word.

  • Once the ink dries, if desired, coat with one more layer of Mod Podge and let them dry.

These directions are very general. 

Another idea is to make a set of rocks for each Young Woman (or for a friend as a gift, etc.) with positive qualities about that person. Place them in a bag with a tag that says...."You Rock" or make The Young Women Value Rocks with a tag that says... "Stand Solid as a Rock with The Young Women Values"

You can take this basic idea so many places!  Have Fun!


UPDATE after the activity - One fun tradition is we play a game for Mothers and Daughters to test how much they know about each other. Without asking each other, the Mothers and Daughters each have a list of questions to answer about the each other. Those with the most correct answers receive prizes.   The questions are posted below.  It has become a lot of fun. Last year, I was a substitute mother for one of the girls and we, surprisingly, got several correct. Be sensitive to those who do not have mothers at this event and make sure they are assigned a mom for the evening.

The Young Women Value Rocks were a hit! I would suggest using them in some way at Girls Camp this summer.

The Water Bottle Labels Say.... Remain Steadfast and Immovable with The Young Women Values. I used a Young Women Torch at the seam just to polish the look.


With some decorations I already had and some recycling from the wedding the night before, the tables were beautiful. I was so excited that I had lavender bags for the
Value Rocks that would match all of the decorations we recycled and combined.


As everyone arrived, they got busy answering questions about each other. This is a great ice-breaker and conversation piece for the evening. I always, always believe in having some sort of mixer game or activity when gathering people together. Not everyone is comfortable in a crowd or carrying on conversations.



More of the Table Decor

Mother / Daughter Quiz (Adapt For Your Use and Enjoy!)

ABOUT MY MOM (For Daughters to Answer)

Without asking, see how much you know about your mom:

Shoe Size

Year She was Born

Name of Her High School

Where she met your dad

All-Time Favorite Snack Food

How Many States in the USA has She LIVED in? Can You name them?

Which Foreign Countries has hse visited or lived it?

How Many Children did she say she was going to have when she grew up?

If she had one day all to her self, what would she do?

Her dream Car

Her Favorite Book

Her Favorite Season

Her Favorite Color

Her Favorite Temple

Her Favorite Scripture verse or story

ABOUT MY DAUGHTER (For the mom's to answer)

Without asking, see how much you know about your daughter....

Favorite Holiday

Favorite Meal You Cook

Favorite Activity With You

A place she wants to travel to

The Temple she wants to get married in

Favorite place to shop

Something she likes to or would like to collect

The name of her favorite teacher this year

A Talent or skill she would like to develop

What she wore to school yesterday

Favorite Music or Musical Artist

Favorite Movie when she was under 10

What her ideal day off from school would include

Her favorite subject in school

Her E-mail address or IM Name (if applies)

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