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Silly Supper by Linda Davis
 Be A Star - We are doing a mother-daughter activity tomorrow with a back to school fashion show.  We've been talking about modesty in buying and wearing modest clothes for school.  So our theme is "Be a Star" and they will each get to model 2 outfits for us.  We will be playing a baby picture matching game to match mom's and daughters as well as playing a getting to know the moms game.  We are having lunch and then a speaker speak to us about self-esteem.  (Idea from Treisa Taylor / ga08172007)

 Mom's and Muffins
 Family History Night - "We have a large group of girls in our ward so we have four leaders--one for each age group.  We decided to have a mother/daughter activity with all of the age groups meeting together.  We started by dividing the girls into groups and had a few of the moms teach them games that they played when they were girls such as jumping rope, wheelbarrow races, blind man's bluff, and jacks.  The jumping rope was especially a big hit with the girls! We had each girl bring some framed family photos that were on display and served as the decorations for the activity.  It was fun to see everyone's photos.  For refreshments, we asked the moms ahead of time to choose a traditional family recipe and bring a prepared dish of this recipe for a tasting table.   We asked them to supply one copy of their recipe so we could compile a recipe booklet for each girl.  We ended the evening by having the girls and moms exchange letters that they had  written to each other (the daughters wrote their letters to their mothers at a previous achievement day activity.)  Everyone seemed to have a great time and we all learned a little more about our own and others' families." (Idea by Amy Crane)

 Spa Night by Angela Miller
 Mother and Daughter Tea Party by Sarah Matthews

 Value Rocks - You could adapt this activity by making rocks with the different areas of focus in the Activity Day Program instead of the YW Values.  For example rocks could say, "Learning", "Living", "Talents", "Service", etc.  This activity lists a mother/daughter questionnaire that might be fun.

Candy Bar Matching Game by Kimberlee Adams

 'Mom and Me' activity/dinner - What I did with my girls a couple of years back on etiquette is we got together to plan a 'mom and me' activity/dinner. At the planning meeting we went through the etiquette things: setting the table, table manners, polite conversation at the table. I found all the information from an etiquette book I took out of the library. The theme of our activity was "Fifties fling with mom & me". The theme centered around the 1950's. For food we had hamburgers and fizzy cool drink (sodas) and brownies. For the activity we had the girls introduce their moms (they learnt how to do this at our planning activity) and they told a funny story about their mom. At the table they made 'polite' conversation (this was quite funny. I had a hard time keeping a smile off my face!). I played 50's music and taught them to jive with their moms. I decorated the room with records and record covers.  I also had balloons and streamers around the room. Oh and they all had to dress 50's style. So, this is one way of teaching the girls etiquette without preaching to them. With only 3 girls it may be difficult to do an activity like what I did, but if you can teach them a principle and then have them follow it up with an activity to show/ practice what they learned. (Idea by Charline)
 Mother/Daughter Activity - With a cherry on top by Summer Palmberg 

 Mother/Daughter Date -  We had a great activity with the girls and their moms.  (Everything was kept secret from the moms until they came that night.)  We played a game like the newly wed game where the moms left the room and the girls responded to five questions about their moms.  the moms came back in, answered the questions, and if the answers matched, points were given.  Repeat for questions about the girls.  Then all moms went out in hall and five took off socks and shoes.  Girls guessed whose moms they were just by seeing the feet only.  This was funny!  Then all girls dressed up their moms for a fashion show.  There were prizes for most creative, funniest, most elegant.  The girls were so excited about this- they had some hilarious and creative ways of dressing up their moms.  We video taped the moms modeling down the runway. We ended with the girls standing up one by one and saying two things they loved about their moms. (Credit: Young Women Ideas at Geocities)

 Harvest Themed Mother/Daughter Night by Lori Gregory 
 Olympic Game and Food Activity by Mary Kate Villamore
 Spring Fling - I just wanted to share with you a "Fashion Show" idea I've done in two different wards. We called it the "Spring Fling". As leaders we collected (just about anything) for a couple of months prior: crepe paper, bows, napkins, straws, yarn, paper cups, butcher paper, etc. And, we brought a box of large black garbage bags.  We put two girls with moms in each room (for laughs and support) and the girls designed a dress for their mom. They were wild and fun. We then had a fashion show. We made a little form for the girls to fill out with info like: dress name, models name and then the girls wrote the description of the dress. We had a person act as our hostess for the evening and read the descriptions as each mom went down the fashion show ramp. We then took pictures of the mom and daughters together.  It was great fun and we were surprised that some of the shy moms came out of their shells and surprised us! (Idea by Carol Snider)

  Because my mother taught me

 "That's my Mom" - We wanted to make it a mother daughter recognition so we held it at the park, and played the THAT'S MY MOM game I talked with each Mom privately before hand and asked them questions like ... what's your favorite perfume, color, movie, scripture etc....when I would read the "favorites" from a Mom the girls would have to guess who's Mom it was and when they thought I was talking about there Mom they would hold up a sign that said THAT'S MY MOM!!  I had pre-addressed cards for members in our ward who needed a pick me up had each Mom and daughter sign the card and pass it around so that each card would have everyone's little note, When that was done we sealed them up and mailed them that day. In advance of this recognition (meeting before) I had each girl paint and small wood heart shaped wall art hanger (. 99 cents at Michael's craft store) ....The girls presented them to there moms with there personal message to Mom. Then we had refreshments of cookies, chocolate dipped strawberries, and lemonade.  We of course had the girls sing opening and closing songs, 2 girls for the prayers, recognition cards and certificates and the bracelet charms to add the bracelet.
  We started off with the mom's and daughter trying to match up the baby pictures of everyone present. I was amazed how much the girls liked this. Then we had the mother's stand behind a bed sheet and put their hand underneath. Then the daughters were to guess their mothers hand (no jewelry). This proved to be a funny challenge for them.  Afterwards we handed out letters to the Mom's written by their daughters (done in a previous activity). Then we handed out letter's to the daughters written by their Mom's. The girls really liked this because they knew about the surprise for their Mom's but didn't know we had been sneaky.  For dessert we had a fondue party. This was a HIT!!!! We had 3 fondue pots – semi-sweet chocolate (chocolate chips and evaporated milk), white chocolate (chips, evaporated milk, almond extract), and strawberry (frozen strawberries with cornstarch). For dipping we used: pretzels, marshmallows, strawberries, bananas, apples, (could dip pineapple, mandarins, grapes, kiwi, graham crackers, etc.). Everyone like dipping, eating, and talking!!  (Credit Unknown)

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