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You shared so many fun and creative baby announcement ideas on my blog, that
I thought I'd put them all together on a page.  Such great ideas....thanks everyone!

My husband was already asleep when I took the test, so I took a picture of the test and made it the background on his laptop knowing that would be one of the first things he looked at in the morning.  (Idea by Riki Lee)

 I made birthday invitations with my due date as the when, where I would deliver, it was a lot of fun when the family members got them in the mail!  (Idea by the Felde Family)

 I told my husband about our first with a bib. I had one embroidered on and it said, "Pink or Blue...Who knows? Just a little YOU!" The pink was in oink and blue was in blue. Everything else was yellow. He opened it and had nothing to say, he was shocked! We still have it and my daughter loves the story of it!  (Idea by Sarah)

 You could empty his underwear drawer and fill it with diapers and put a note that says something like..."It's time to make room for another baby".  (Anonymous)

 When we announced that we were pregnant with our second child I made I shirt for our first child to wear. It was just an inexpensive white shirt that I stenciled "Only Child" on the front and "Until Nov. '07" (the month the baby was due) on the back. When we were ready to make the big announcement we dressed her in the shirt and just waited until the family caught on. Everyone got a kick out of the shirt and our daughter loved that she was the bearer of such great news.  (Idea by Anonymous)

 My husband and I found out about our first grandchild-to-be on Valentine's Day. Our daughter and her husband came over with a gift. When we opened the box it contained three cookies, from a special design cookie store. 1 male (daddy) bear, 1 female (pregnant) bear, and 1 baby carriage with the saying, "We're having a baby!" printed on it. At first my husband didn't get it. I just cried with joy. They had been married for two years. We then took pictures of the cookies for scrapbooking and later ate them. They were, of course, delicious. Perhaps because the message was so sweet!  (Idea by Julianne)

I was in charge of an extended- family calendar for the upcoming year. Besides the usual birthdays marked each month, I boldly marked and labeled the due date. As everyone looked through the new calendars, the news was discovered! (Anonymous)

 I wrote on the mirror in the bathroom with an old lipstick "we are having a baby in May of 08'" so he would see it when he went to the trash. He was sooo shocked.  (Idea by Truscott's)

 My husband was in New York for Army training, and due to come home the day after I found out I was pregnant! That was THE HARDEST day and a half of my LIFE - not telling him over the phone!!!  The day he was due to come home, I went to Wal-Mart and bought a cute green onesie, some baby shoes - a pair for a girl and a pair for a boy - and a few other small things, put them in a gift bag, and gave it to him at the airport. It took him a minute to figure it out - even with the positive pregnancy test I had put in the bag, but when he did get what I was telling him, he was SO excited - he had the biggest grin, and kept asking 'are you sure?'  I've also heard of people putting a bun in their oven and asking him to go check on it... Or making a dinner of 'baby' foods - baby back ribs, baby corn, baby carrots, etc... Or going to a restaurant and when he's not paying attention, ask the waitress to bring a high chair. There are lots of fun things you can do! (Idea by the Austin's)

 I've never been able to keep the secret from my husband long enough to surprise him, but when we were pregnant with our first we bought two bibs that said "Here Comes Trouble" and mailed them to our parents.  It was the first grandchild for both sides of the family, so it was especially fun for them.  (Idea by Shelly)

 I pinned a note to the back on my other daughter's shirt (she was 2 at the time) that said," I am going to be a big sister." and let her run around with it on there until everyone saw it. It was pretty cute and also gave me something to put in the baby book!  (Idea by Janna)

 I found out a few days before our anniversary so I waited (SO HARD) until that day to tell him. I bought both pink and blue "I love Daddy" bibs. I also bought a cute little "Babies First Christmas" sleeper (for the next year). I wrapped both. I gave him the sleeper outfit first, he was slightly confused...Until the second one. Because Christmas was so close I waited until our first appt. and used the ultrasound picture of 6 weeks as a special gift to the new Grandparents.  A friend of mine sent her husband on a scavenger hunt throughout the house. The last clue was something about "buns in the oven" and she had the pregnancy tests in the oven...  (Idea by Collin Family)

 When I found out I was pregnant with number three, I made shirts for the boys - my oldest said "Big Brother" and my youngest said "Big Brother-In-Training". I just bought t-shirts at Target and bought Avery iron transfers you can do on your home printer. It was easy and a really fun way to tell everyone. (Idea by Melissa)

 When I got pregnant with my second... I pinned a note on the back of my oldest daughter's shirt saying, "I'm going to be a big sister!" Daddy came home from work and saw her running around with a note on her shirt and was shocked to read what it wrote. So, we decided to leave it on her shirt to tell our families as well!! And then the cute little note went into the scrapbook!!!  (Idea by Janna)

 I think the best way to tell your husband is to whisper it in his hear while you are in the temple. (Anonymous)

 I wrote a short poem on the back of our car and went to pick him up from work. It was fun to see how many people stopped to read it. I watched him read it and then stop and read it again before getting into the car and asking me what was going on. I told him that I was pregnant and he got out of the car to read it again. (Idea by Leah)

 When I was pregnant with my third, we had two girls. Although my husband was never disappointed that we had girls, I knew he wanted a boy. When I found out I was pregnant, I wrapped up a boy's outfit with a note that said, "Maybe this time...". Under that I had a girl's outfit with a note that said, "Or maybe not...". On the very bottom, I put my positive pregnancy test. [He did get his boy :)]  (Idea shared by Laura / ga02222008)

 When I found out I was having our 2nd child my husband was gone for a day. My children are 16 months apart so it was a shock to both of us anyways.  I bought a onesie for my little boy and put Big Brother on it and when my husband came home he was wearing it. I waited until he figured it out it was great!  (Anonymous)

 You could put a "bun in the oven" in the oven for dinner - maybe with a note inside daddy's bun! Along with that, a friend of mine once mailed her parents each a sticky bun to signify a "bun in the oven." I love the idea because who doesn't like something yummy with the good news?!  (Idea by Abby)

 I love that "bun in the oven" idea.  Also, for your parents, for their Christmas present, they were each given their presents to open at the same time, and it was bibs that read, Grandpa Loves Me and Grandma Loves me. Fun Fun.  (Idea by Mari)

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