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alt Sofia's Primary Ideas

alt In the Leafy Treetops the Birds Sing "Good Morning"

alt Camille's Primary Ideas

alt Sunbeam Singing

alt When teaching the 1st verse of "When I Am Baptized" I plan to hold up a baptismal dress and tell the children how I felt when I was baptized.  There will already be a large rainbow on the wall behind me.   I will sing the song through and show them how the first line of the song forms a rainbow with the melody.   There will be key words or phrases to the song hidden under their chairs.  I will ask them to find them:
a. rainbows
b. ponder 
c. clean again
d. earth right after rain 
e. best 
f. live with God 
Then I will have them listen again to the song as I sing it. They will need to decide the order of the words.  After they place the words/phrases on the rainbow, I will sing the song through again to see if all the words are in the correct order.   We will change any that need changing and listen to check again.  Then I will have them sing it with me one line at a time.  (Idea by Nancy Wells)

alt OCD Primary Chorister

alt Idea shared by Amy

alt Idea by Melanie Edwards

alt Singtime time Mayhem - Song flipchart

alt Begin teaching “When I Am Baptized” (p. 103) by singing the whole song through for the children. Invite them to watch as you draw the melody line on the chalkboard as you sing it again. The melody goes up and then comes back down—like a rainbow. Draw two rainbow lines as you sing the first verse. Invite the children to stand and draw rainbows in the air as they hum the verse. Have the children close their eyes and visualize falling rain as you sing the up and down melody of the chorus. Help them pitch-lead “the falling rain” with you as they hum the chorus. Teach the message of the song by directing the children’s listening and asking questions about the message; (for example, “What makes the earth clean?” or “What makes me clean?”) Ask a question before you sing, sing, take responses, and have the children sing with you. Repeat. Bear your testimony.  (Idea taken from the July 2005 Sharing Time Suggestion)

alt Ribbon Wand actions/movements (shared by Adriana / Yahoo Group) - Most of these I got from a previous music leader, but the ones we are using are:

vs. 1
rainbow - arc
rain - dots in the air
earth - circle in front of them
best - shoot hand straight up and then . . .
to live with God again - circles above the head symbolizing heaven

vs. 2
baptized - waves
washed away - big swooshes side to side
forgiven . . improve my self each day - hands together as if praying and shake the ribbon wand to the beat of the song
chorus - same as vs. 1 
alt Teaching LDS Children

alt For different words I came up with objects for the children to hold.

So for "look" I had a child come up and hold binoculars.
"rainbows": a big clipart of a rainbow and clouds
"rain": create a rainmaker using a wrapping paper tube and put popcorn and rice inside, had the children turn it slowly. They LOVED it! On the ends I sealed it with celophane and rubberbands, or you could use wax paper.
"ponder": Had a child come up and pose with a "thinking" look
"earth": hold a globe, I had a small one
"clean": got a white baptism suit for a child to hold up
"clean": another baptism suit
"earth": a picture of earth, I didn't have another globe, and I didn't want to buy another one.
"rain": another rainmaker
"best": created a clipart of a big ribbon with the word "BEST" on it with tape so they could tape it on their chest
"live with God again": big picture of Christ in the clouds

It really kept their attention, even Senior, who kind of already knew the song.  I would do the first couple objects and then sing the words, did another and practiced the words, so we sang it many times, but they really didn't notice because we kept adding objects. Before adding objects sometimes I would make a game of it saying, "I'm thinking of an object that you can look through to find something...." Then they answered with binoculars. It was fun.  Also, some of the first children I would switch out and take turns holding objects so everyone could have a turn. (Idea shared by Michelle on Primary Music Yahoo Group)

alt We did a fun activity yesterday to learn the 2nd verse of "When I am Baptized".  I wrote the words to the verse on the blank side of a laminated poster with wet-erase markers (I'm sure dry-erase would work as well). After we spent a little time learning the verse (copy cat), I told them that now we were going to 'wash away' the words. I had a child come up and choose a word from the song out of a bag. The child would then get to use a spray bottle of water to spray the poster every time they heard the rest of us sing that word. Really simple, but they loved it! We sang the song tons of times without anyone complaining and some of them even asked to come in after Primary was over so they could finish spraying off the rest of the words. (Idea shared by Alberta on Primary Music Yahoo Group)

alt Heather writes, "When I taught the second verse last week, I brought in a small white hand towel that I got wet and wiped down my outdoor furniture with and a big white clean towel for the first stanza. We talked about how when we are baptized, we are nice and clean like the big towel. When we make mistakes we are more like the dirty towel but we can always become clean again through baptism then by repentance and keeping our baptismal covenants. For "improve myself each day" I made simple faux self-help book covers and taped them to some of my 2-year-old's board books. They had titles like "how to be happy" and "how to make friends". We talked about what it meant to improve yourself and then we talked about how none of those self-improvement books were necessary when you have the scriptures. When we sang the song the first couple of times, I held up the clean and dirty towels and then the scriptures. That was more than enough help for my primary to get it!" (Idea shared by Heather on Primary Music Yahoo Group)

alt Singing a song is fun to do

alt I want my life to be as clean

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