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alt Singing Magic

alt Stand for the Right (Flipchart) by Carrie Dziabczenko

alt Stand for the Right flipchart by Loralee Kurzius

alt Leg Cube - Stand for the Right Review by Judi Haynes 

alt The Busy Coconut

alt Singing in Primary

alt Song review idea by Primary Singing Time

alt Stand for the Right (flipchart) by Laurie Phelps - There are three pages in this file.

CLICK HERE to open Laurie's flipchart as a pdf.
CLICK HERE to open Laurie's flipchart in Word.

alt Flipchart made by D'Net Layton.  To visit her website, click here(ga02092008)

alt Stand for the Right (flipchart) by Tamara Fackrell 

alt An idea from Precious Primary

alt Teaching LDS Children

alt Review Idea for "Stand for the Right"

alt Life-Size Tic-Tac-Toe by Anabelle Chacon

alt You could ask the children, "How old do you have to be to choose the right?"  Now is the time to choose the right.  Explain that the choices they make now are very important.  Have the children stand up whenever the lyrics say, "Stand for the right."

alt Here is a cheat sheet for learning the ASL signs for "Stand for the Right".

alt Heather writes, "Here's a video that I created for the song "Stand for the Right." I shared it with our primary yesterday and it worked very well as an introduction to this song."

alt Words for you - Review Idea

alt An idea from Beehive Messages

alt Donna writes, "Yesterday we did Stand for the Right but I place bees around the room and on the back of them I put one of Pres. Hinckley's be's..  Like Humble, Clean etc.  Then a added 4 others like, bully, sassy, etc.  Who ever was the best singer got to pick one of the bees.  If it was a bad bee I had a hive attached to a box and that bee had to have a time out in the hive.  And another child got to pick a bee etc.  Then we would sing the song but instead of Be True they would sing what ever was on the back of the bee.  Like BE CLEAN, BE CLEAN ...   They had so much fun with this.  It took the Junior Primary a little while to catch on."  (Idea by Donna Jenson)

alt Singing a song is fun to do

alt "Here are links to pdf and mp3 for Stand for the Right from the Spanish Children's Songbook.  The children love learning in other languages."  (Shared by Laura from Tucson)

alt Stand for the Right with 6 Be's

alt (Idea by Cara Webber / ga09012009)  We are going to be learning the song "Stand for the Right" next month and this is what I have planned.  Hope it helps someone!  Thanks!

Stand for the Right

Our prophet has some words for you (boy stands holding picture of prophet)

And these are the words:

“Be true, be true.”

(only boy holding picture says “be true, be true”)

At work or at play,

(child holds up broom in one hand and baseball bat in other hand)

In darkness or light,

(child holds up flashlight and turns it on when everyone sings “light”)

Be true, be true,

(boy holding prophet’s picture says “be true, be true”)

And stand for the right.

(everyone stands when singing “stand for the right”)

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