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alt Flipchart by Mary Cox

alt OCD Chorister

alt Flipchart by Jolly Jenn

alt Sheet Music from December 1983 Friend Magazine

alt Picture a Christmas - Flipchart by Jocelyn Gibbons

alt Picture a Christmas (Flipchart) by Mary Ann Clements

alt (Credit Unknown) I borrowed visuals from a previous music leader. I posted them up in the front of the room, in order. Then, I took an empty picture frame and "framed" each visual as we sang it. Then, I passed out little die cut, cardstock "frames" to all the children. We sang it again as they followed my frame with their frame. I told them they would either have to hold their frame up close, or far away from their face, and maybe squint, depending on where they were sitting. They thought it was really fun!

alt This song works so perfectly with the Primary Visual Aids Cut-out packets (Set 8 – Christmas Figures & Set 3 - Nature).  I cut 4 strips of brown paper to form the outline of a stable (2 walls and a roof).  This goes on the board to provide the “frame” for the song.  You can tape it on or use magnets.  As we review the song the kids add the pictures... 

sacred, silent night – starry, night time scene (Set 3 Nature) – place in the upper right hand corner outside the stable

angel – place in the upper left hand corner outside the stable

star – place at the peak of the roof

baby Jesus – place in the lower center of the stable

Joseph – place in the stable facing the baby Jesus

Mary – place in the stable facing the baby Jesus

shepherds – place outside the stable walls, facing the baby Jesus

Another variation I’ve done is to make sets for each class, using a reduced size of the cutouts.  Each class gets a baking sheet to use as a magnet board ($1 at Dollar Tree), 4 strips of brown paper for their stable walls and roof, and a set of the pictures all with magnets.  While we sing they take turns placing the pictures on the board.  This way everyone gets a turn helping.  I’m always amazed at how reverently the kids handle the pictures and how responsible they feel to get things in the “right” place at the “right” time.

The cut-out packets can be purchased from church distribution or downloaded from here(This website also allows you to manipulate the size of the pictures for making class sets.)  (Shared by Kaylyn Monmouth of Orgeon / Primusic Yahoo Group)

alt The past two weeks I took my nativity set in and used it to teach/review "Picture a Christmas".  I had the Junior Primary children  – so we sat on the floor and dimmed the lights. I had each piece of my set wrapped in tissue paper.  Pulled out the stable and talked about what is was – for animals, the conditions, etc.  Then I started to talk very quietly when I talked about this nativity set. It has special meaning to me because it was our family set when I was a little girl. As I talked about how I felt about it (in a very soft voice) I also shared my memories of setting it up each Christmas. While I was sharing this, I gently and methodically unwrapped each piece and set it in front. They were mesmerized. The piano played the song in the background.  I then talked to them about the song "Picture a Christmas" and how they would make a picture in their head. I sang the song to them the first time, touching the stable, (used a little flashlight to shine on the stable – the star), shining the star on baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the shepherd as we sang about them. The children loved it and it was so simple and sweet.  (Idea by Penny Hughes of Wooodinville, Washington)

alt Picture a Christmas Flipchart / Coloring Book by Malina Duff 

alt Picture a Christmas - Actions

Picture a stable in Judea (I had the children act like they were taking a picture then made house with hands)

Picture a sacred silent night (I had the kids act like taking picture then fold arms then put finger to lips)

And can you hear (Put hand to ear)

The angels near (sign language for angel)

And see the star so bright (Burst hands for star)

Picture the little baby Jesus (Cradle arms like have baby then sign language for Jesus)

Think His life and words so dear (Point at head then put finger to mouth and move in circle as if speaking)

Sing Praise to Him (sign language for praise then hand above head toward sky for Him)

Remember Him (Point at head then hand above head toward sky for Him)

As you picture Christmas this year (act like taking picture and then spread hands outward for year)

Picture a kind and loving Joseph (Act like taking a picture then do sign language for father)

Picture the Mary mother fair (Act like taking a picture then do sign language for mother)

And can you see, so reverently (Make glasses at your eyes then fold arms)

The Shepherds kneeling there (Draw and shepherd's crook then fold arms and bow head)

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