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alt Song Printable by Fresh Juniper

alt My Heavenly Father Loves Me song flipchart by Audrey Schilaty

alt OCD Primary Chorister

alt Here is an idea from Christy's Clipart

alt My Heavenly Father Loves Me – For Violin with piano accompaniment

alt My Heavenly Father Loves Me (Flipchart) by Mary Ann Clements

altWatch the sign language video for this song from the Church's Website.  Scroll down and click on song.

alt We had fun reviewing "My Heavenly Father Loves Me". I had objects or pictures for each line. The children's favorites were "....I feel the rain on my face..." - a spray bottle sprayed up in the air so the drops fall on your face and "...the wind as it rushes by..." - a balloon pump to pump air as you run across the front of the room. It's fun to involve more of the senses, and it's also hard to find a good visual for the wind!!  (Idea by Elaine in California)

alt Have the children clap the rhythm as you sing the song to help them become familiar with it. Help them make up simple actions to match key words in the song. Invite the children to do the actions without singing while the music plays and then sing and do the actions together. (2014 Primary Outline)

alt Teach LDS Children

alt My Heavenly Father Loves Me, song flipchart [pdf] - Each page corresponds to two lines/phrases of music.  There are no words on these helps, just pictures to help the children remember the words.  Each page is meant to be printed on half a sheet of paper.  After I print the pages out I cut the pages in half and tape over-size popsicle sticks to back to make it easier for me or a child to hold.  Hopefully this helps!  (Shared by Elizabeth Lewis / ga02082013)

alt Would you like to sing a song?

alt My Heavenly Father Loves Me Teaching Ideas by Janelle Sherrill - [pdf

alt My Heavenly Father Loves Me (Primary Video - You Tube)

alt My Heavenly Father Loves Me Cards by Amy Snyder

alt I taught this a few years ago, and had good success. What I did was have the children make the visuals. I sang the song as I walked slowly around the room, and I handed each class a 11x17" piece of cardstock (and crayons) as I sang the line that their class would draw the picture for. Each line in this song can be easily drawn. I think I gave "Or look at the blue, blue sky" to the sunbeams...... Then one child from each class would come up and tell us what their line was, and hold the visual as we sang. They loved it. I think I still have the adorable pictures they drew! (Idea by Cyndy Young)

alt Primary Singing Time Singing Magic

alt My Heavenly Father Loves Me by Ondrea Slade - Song Flipchart

alt Camille's Primary Ideas - Part 1, Part 2

alt Flipchart made by Jolly Jen

alt When I taught this song for the CSMP, I drew pictures of all the things mentioned in the first verse-a bird singing, a blue piece of construction paper with a couple of white clouds on it, a face with raindrops falling on it, a cloud with a mouth blowing like the wind, etc.  I put the pictures in clear pocket protectors and mixed them up and handed them out to the kids and they had to put themselves in order while I sang the song. Then I sang the song to check the order. Then we all sang together, then had one of the other kids subtract out a picture or two and sang it again, repeating the subtracting till we were singing without the pictures. I used the pictures for review later and subtracted 3-4 at a time. The first part of the 2nd verse lends itself to this picture thing also but you might have to use words on the second half and that is hard for the younger kids. By the time I got to the second verse, the stake Primary chorister told us that we were having a Primary choir in Stake conference and she wanted to sing this song in sign language. She got us the video of the ASL signs and I taught them the first verse in sign then taught the second verse just using the signs. I just sang this to myself using the signs and remember them quite well. (Idea by Rachel Weaver)

alt Flipchart made by D'Net Layton.  To visit her website, click here.  (ga02092008) - (Read comments at bottom of this page before printing.)

alt Sara writes, "I just posted simplified ASL for this song on youtube. The keyword here is "simplified!" If you are wanting to teach a conceptually accurate interpretation you should use what is on but if your purpose is just to teach some signs to your children for your program or to help them learn the words then hopefully you'll find this helpful."

alt This is one of my favorite songs and holidays are one of my favorite things about life. I am going to combine this with Valentines and talk about love and how valentines day is a day/month where we celebrate love. Heavenly Father has given us so many valentines and blessings to show us and to help us feel his love. The lyrics of this song are like little valentines from Heavenly Father.  My thoughts were to have a discussion about what the kids see and feel from Heavenly Father then have heart cut outs with the words and pictures for the song. I like to just draw my aids with crayons. Simple but I think having them internalize and notice Heavenly Fathers love in their everyday lives will be good.  (Idea shared by Kristin Hodson / Primary Music Yahoo Group)

alt In the leafy treetops the birds sing goodmorning

alt The Chorister's Corner

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