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alt Click here for a copy of this music by Sally DeFord from the October 1993 Friend Magazine.

alt OCD Primary Chorister

alt The full-time missionaries came as special visitors to Primary to help introduce this song. The children stood in a circle with enough space between them for an adult to stand. We stressed the importance of total reverence as they quietly stood. I told them special witnesses of Jesus Christ would be entering the room and standing beside them. As I began to sing the song, the Elders entered. Each Elder stood next to each child for about five seconds as the children listened to the music. After the song, children shared their feelings about having the Elder stand next to them. The responses ranged from "I felt shy and embarrassed" to "I felt warm and even felt the shivers as they approached." The Spirit was strong.  (Idea shared by Robin Allen
/ ga02132008)

alt Teaching Ideas for "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" by Janelle Sherrill

alt Singing Magic

alt What these hands do

alt Rebus for If the Savior Stood Beside Me by Linda Murdock

alt Have you heard about the seminary teacher who told his students to put a penny in their shoes, and every time they could feel the penny, they were to say a simple, silent prayer? Sunday before last, for my presidency message, I gave all of the children AND leaders in Primary a penny to put in one of their shoes. I told them every time they felt the penny in their shoe, they were to ask themselves, "If the Savior stood beside Me, would I be doing what I am doing right now?". Then we (of course!) sang the song, "If the Savior Stood Beside Me". I encouraged them to wear the penny in their shoe all week--and joked that they should keep it in their shoe maybe their whole lives. Then I dropped the subject and didn't say much else about it.  Well...last Sunday, on the spur of the moment, I had the brainy idea of asking if anybody remembered to wear their penny in their shoe during the week. I was so excited to see probably 1/2 or more of the Primary children and leaders hurry and take off a shoe to show me their penny! I had not expected this response. I had to laugh because a couple of our leaders were especially enthusiastic about showing me the pennies in their shoes. I also nearly cried though, thinking about how wonderful and dedicated they were. We have some pretty awesome members!  (Idea by Diana Freeman / ga10012008)

alt Camille's Primary Ideas {An idea for Verse 1} {An idea for Verse 2}

alt An idea to review this song

alt Con el Salvador al lado (Song Flipchart in SPANISH) by Leticia dos Santos

alt Song Presentation Idea by Sherri Boekweg

alt Flipchart/Visual Aide by Amy in Arizona

alt Posterboard Idea by Melissa Gilbert

alt Refer to the following diorama to help you teach this song. Click on picture to enlarge.  Choose GAK pictures that correspond to the "I will" statements on the diorama. For example: GAK 208 (John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus), "I will follow His example"; GAK 612 (Missionaries Teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ), "I will share the gospel." These pictures will also correspond to the lines in the song.  Draw a large question mark on the chalkboard and talk about what it is. Ask the children to listen for a question as you sing the first line of the song. Ask, "What would you do if the Savior stood beside you?" Show them the diorama and explain that the Savior is near them, even though they can't see Him.  Display the GAK pictures on the chalkboard. Sing a phrase of the song and ask the children to find the matching picture. When the correct picture is chosen, ask a child to hold the picture as you sing the phrase several times so that the children become familiar with it. Then place the picture at the bottom of the chalkboard. Continue to teach the song by singing a phrase to the children, having them find the matching picture, singing the phrase several times, and then placing the picture in order. Define words that might be unfamiliar. Bear your testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ, and how thinking about Him helps you make good choices.  (Idea is taken from the March 2008 Sharing Time Suggestion)

alt Listen to this song on You Tube - Video clip is taken from the 2007 General Young Women Broadcast

alt Flipchart by JollyJenn

alt Flipchart by JollyJenn (Spanish)

I have already taught my primary children this song. I mixed up the order a bit this year and this is what I did.  I copied the song off the Sally Deford website and burn the song onto a CD. I played it for the children the first time. I had words on the chalk board that were in the song, every time they heard a word that was on the chalkboard they had to raise their hand. Not only did they have to erase the word on the chalkboard but find the hidden lizard that had the same word on it.  I bought cheap dollar store lizard and printed out words that were also on the chalkboard. I taped the words also to the lizards hidden around the room. So they found the word on the chalkboard and also on the hidden lizard with the word taped to it.  The children really loved it. It worked great! (Idea by Erin Riordan / ga02162008)

alt (Idea shared by Aleta Grimshaw / ga02172008)  I am going to attempt to begin teaching this song tomorrow. I am actually the pianist and subbing, but i have done music chorister before. Here are some thoughts/ ideas on the song.

1) have children stand up. Have every other one step forward to allow space for the imaginary Savior to stand next to each child. talk about the song/sing it.

2) Play stand up sit down game. Have the children stand up or sit down on the longer notes such as dotted quarter notes, half notes, and dotted half notes...emphasizing those words.

3) Clap out Rhythm of song with the children.

4) Write keywords on chalkboard - Sing the song several times and erase as they learn, or have them listen for the words and erase them as they hear them.

5) Teach the last phrase first since it is the same for each verse (If I could see the Savior standing nigh, watching over me.) Then teach 1st sentence or 2 for all all three verses showing there similarities and differences. Let the children discover these differences.

6) As suggested before, match or listen for and point out "I Will" statements.

7) Have the children listen and count as you and they sing for all of the I's, I'll, I'd in the first 2 verses ( 6 in 1st, 5 in 2nd, 6, 3rd) and the He's, Him, His (4) in 3rd verse.

8) One of my favorites, make up actions for the keywords. You don't have to know sign language to do this, just make it up. Children love to use their bodies to learn things, and it sticks more when they do.

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