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alt What kind of man do want to marry?  (Candy Bar Activity)


alt A candy bar thank you
alt Baptism Candy Poster
alt Candy Bar Sayings
alt Candy Bar Sayings for Music Awards
alt Candy Gram Bye! (graduating from Young Women's)
alt Candy Gram for your Honey!
alt Candy Grams
alt Inexpensive ways to serve and/or say thank you
alt Phrases for Candy Bar Cards by Leslie Johnson  


alt Custom Candy Bar Wrappers


alt Create your own candy bar wrappers

Comments (3)
  • Debbie Brown

    I saw, a few days ago, several different candy bar wrappers that you could cut out and put on the mini sized hershey bars. I cannot find them again. Can you help?

  • Rebecca Hurst

    Thanks for the post! I know I had made a poster when I was younger with candy bars on it replacing some of the words. I thought it was so fun and clever! I'd like to do something like that for the lesson I am teaching in Sunday school. I got a few suggestions out of lds books, but I would like to add candy bars to them. Hopefully my students will pay better attention if I do.

  • gf  - hi

    hiiii :woohoo:

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