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alt I'm trying to be like Jesus - Review

alt I'm trying to be like Jesus (flipchart) by Peggy Olson

alt Here is an idea from Christy's Clipart

alt Children’s Choir with violin solo ‘I’m Trying To Be Like Jesus’

alt Flipchart by Jolly Jenn

alt Flipchart by Jolly Jenn (Spanish)

alt Song Presentation Idea from Singing and Sharing Blog

alt I'm trying to be like Jesus Flipchart - Verses 1 & 2 by Ashley Larsen

alt Flipchart made by D'Net Layton.  To visit her website, click here(ga02092008)

alt Teaching, "I'm trying to be like Jesus"

alt I'm trying to be like Jesus (ASL) by Julianne Anderson

alt I'm trying to be like Jesus (verse one)

alt Show the picture that accompanies the song in the Children’s Songbook. Ask the children to imagine why the little girl might be crying. Ask what the boy is doing and who he might be. Suggest that the boy might be the girl’s older brother. Sing “I’m Trying to Be like Jesus.” Explain that Jesus comforts us, teaches us, and loves us, just like the older brother in the picture. Teach the verse by having the children finger clap (two fingers of one hand tap against the palm of the other hand) the rhythm of the first line while you sing it. Point out the similarity in the second line. Have them sing the opening lines several times with you. Sing the second part of the verse. Invite them to look up John 13:34 and compare the words of the scripture with the words of the chorus. Explain that when we love one another, we are keeping an important commandment because “these are the things Jesus taught.” After singing the chorus several times, practice going right from the verse into the chorus. Encourage them to be like the boy in the picture by loving their families, friends, and neighbors. When they love as Jesus loved, they follow His example. Bear testimony of the importance of following the Savior.  (Idea taken from the March 2007 Sharing Time Suggestion)

alt In the Leafy Treetops

alt "I really loved the way the Primary General Board members taught this when they came and did a music workshop in our stake. 

Attention Getter: GAK 240 (Jesus Christ) and a mirror. She had a child come up and look at the picture and the mirror and tell the things that were similar (two eyes, hair, smile, red shirt, etc…). Our goal is to be like Jesus and Heavenly Father. She asked if we would actually start to look like Jesus as we followed his example.  Scriptures: 3 Nephi 11:6-8, John 13: 34-35, Alma 5:14.  At this point she began teaching the song. She would direct our listening and then sing a line. She would say, "Who am I trying to be like?" and then sing, "I'm trying to be like Jesus." Then she would say, "If you are trying to be like Jesus, too, sing this line with me." "Now listen to what I am doing to be more like Jesus." "I'm following in his ways." "If you are trying to follow in Jesus' ways, too, sing that line with me." Etc… She did this until she got to the line, "But I try to listen as the still small voice whispers," (Her listening prompt for this was, "What is another name for the Holy Ghost?"). She said, "Sing to this point and then listen very carefully and I will whisper what the still small voice says."  Then she had them repeat it in a whisper. She then challenged them to listen to the still small voice during the week and bore her testimony (it only took 30 seconds to bear testimony here) of the Holy Ghost. She said this is as far as she would go on this song in one week. She stressed that we often try to teach too much in one week. Variety: A comparison to a song with a similar message, "Love One Another" (CS 136) Involvement: She had a poster with Christ's picture and a mirror in the middle and pockets around them labeled with letters spelling GENTLE and LOVING. In each pocket there were red and blue cards. Red cards were thought cards and blue cards were deed cards. She had a child come up and draw either a thought or a deed card and read it aloud. She said to be sure to use situations that are familiar to the children or you will loose their attention. For example, you wouldn't use a situation about being cut off by a bad driver with Primary children, you would use a situation about a bully or problems at school, etc… After the child read the situation, before they answered the situation, she had the children sing "Love one another as Jesus loves you…" to the end of the song. Then the child would answer what to do in that situation. After they answered she showed the child the picture of Jesus and had them look into the mirror and praised them that they were becoming more like Jesus because they were making the right choices."  (Idea by Shauna)

alt Watch the sign language video for this song from the Church's Website.  Scroll down and click on song.

alt Help the children choose visual aids for this month’s song, “I’m Trying to Be like Jesus” (pp. 78–79). Choose pictures from the GAK and the Primary 7 manual picture kit that depict scenes from Jesus’ life. Also choose pictures from the Primary 1, 2, and 3 manual picture kits of children involved in acts of kindness or service and of children who are facing moral dilemmas. Hang the pictures around the Primary room, leaving the front wall blank. Teach the song at the beginning of Sharing Time. Instruct the children to listen while you sing the song and to think which of the pictures would help them remember the words. Sing the entire song. Then sing the first phrase, “I’m trying to be like Jesus.” Have a child choose a picture that helps her or him remember that phrase; move it to the front wall. Have everyone sing the first phrase. Repeat for each phrase of the song. Have the children sing the entire song several times.  At the end of Sharing Time, review the song by placing the chosen pictures on the wall in random order. As the Primary sings the song, have a child find the picture for the first phrase and hold it. Select other children to choose and hold the pictures in order as the Primary continues to sing. If you have separate Sharing Times for younger and older children, record the order of the pictures chosen by each group so that the same ones can be used for the song in upcoming weeks. (Taken from March 2002 Sharing Time Suggestion)

alt I've been searching and searching for an attention getter to teach I'm trying to be like Jesus.. I found it in the book 'Experiments upon the Word' by Susan Luke.  I wanted to focus on really trying to be like Jesus and the scripture Alma 5:14 ...have ye received His image in your countenances? And Genesis 1:26 we learn that we are made in the image of God. The object lesson is to place a piece of paper over a leaf and rub over the leaf with the side of a crayon. (the image of the leaf will transfer to the paper). Show how the leaf and the rubbing are alike. Demonstrate what it means to be in the image of something by doing several rubbings of various items such as flat lace or embossed images. When they are compared, we can see the image of the original in each rubbing. By striving to follow the things Jesus taught: Loving one another, showing kindness in all that we do, being gentle and loving in deed and in thought, we will begin to have His image in our countenances.

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