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alt I will follow God's plan for me - teaching ideas for each week by Janelle

alt Here is an idea from Christy's Clipart

alt I will follow God's Plan for me (flipchart) by Laurie Phelps

alt Flipchart by JollyJenn

alt Laughing and Losing It

alt Flipchart by Carrie Dziabczenko - Carrie writes, "This flipchart is REALLY SIMILAR to Jollyjenn's flipchart for the same song(Thanks Jenn!) , but with larger text and just a few of the pictures are different."

alt El Plan de Dios Puedo Seguir - SPANISH Song Flipchart by Teralee Malouf

alt Teaching idea for "I will follow God's plan for me" by Stephanie Leas 

alt I will follow God's plan for me by Bridgette Patterson - Primary Music Flipchart

alt I will follow God's plan for me (flipchart) by Tamara Fackrell

alt Watch the sign language video for this song from the Church's Website.  Scroll down and click on song.
alt Visual Aid Idea by Polly Yeates - I am trying to come up with a visual aid to motivate the children while they are singing.  I was thinking a boy or girl climbing the side of a mountain (kind of like the Price Is Right game). At the top of the mountain is a picture of Christ and at the top of the visual aid it might say "I Will Follow God's Plan For Me". As they sing the boy/girls will climb the mountain as the children's singing improves.

alt Barefoot Chorister

alt OCD Primary Chorister

alt I will follow God's plan from the Primary Chorister Idea Blog

alt Pansies and Popcorn

alt Song Review Idea

alt Beehive Messages  

alt Valentine's Day Song Review using "I will follow God's plan for me" - Katrina writes, "Here's a Valentine's Song Review of "I Will Follow God's Plan". Anyone can print it off of my blog, cut it out, and use it just the way it is! Great in a pinch. I'll use them this week to have them choose which phrase we'll learn next (I'll use body solfege to teach this song - knees are do, thighs re, waist me, chest fa, shoulders sol, eyes la, forehead ti, head do, sol below do is the toes) and then next week I'll cut them in half and have them put the phrases together." 

alt Divide the chalkboard or a large sheet of paper in half. On one side write “My Life,” and provide a picture or drawing for each phrase in the first three lines (for example, “My life is a gift,” picture of gift; “My life has a plan,” simple drawing of house; “My life has a purpose; in heav’n it began,” Primary picture packet 3-3). Put the pictures up next to “My Life” in random order. On the other side of the board, write “I Will,” and provide pictures for each phrase in the rest of the song. Post them in random order next to “I Will.” Have the children look at the pictures on the first half of the board and listen as you sing the first line. Let them choose the pictures that illustrate that line and put them in order. Sing the first line together. Repeat this with the first three lines. Repeat the activity with the lines that begin with “I will.” Sing the song all the way through. You can repeat the song as you remove pictures, or mix them up again and have the children put them in order. Encourage the children to sing this song with their families. (Idea taken from January 2005 Sharing Time Suggestion)

alt "My idea for explaining a plan is to share a cookbook that I have with them. It's a great one, with full page, close up photos of the finished dishes. I'm going to explain how the recipe is a plan. The picture shows me what can happen if I follow the plan. I want to end up with something beautiful and delicious, so I need to follow the plan as it has been given to me. Then I can relate that to what the scriptures tell us will happen if we follow God's plan for us: we get to return to live with Him! With the jrs, it will be a little tricky because we have singing first, then sharing time so they won't have had the lesson yet. Srs get the lesson first." (Idea by Angie Rhodes)

alt Teaching LDS Children 

alt Singing Time Idea for this song by

alt Camille's Primary Ideas

Comments (10)
  • Rachel

    Where did you find the pictures/clipart for these flip charts? I'm not able to save the images separately, and I'd really like to have the pictures myself. Could you please help me?

  • Amy

    you can go to "google" and do an image search. In the top left of your screen you'll see the words Web Image Videos Maps (ect) click on image then anything you search will only bring up pictures. Be careful, check what site it is from before clicking! Click on an image for a bigger view, then right click and save as to your computer. Go to Word and insert a picture from your file.

  • Adrienne

    To teach this song I was planning on filling a basket with items that represent the words(gift, plan of salvation card, etc.) then handing each item to a child in order and have them stand in front while we sing through it.

  • Danielle

    The friend for this month (feb 2011) has a great idea for teaching I will follow God's plan! Im going to use it in combination with Jolly Jenn's awesome flip chart!
    Thanks ya'll

  • Lynnette Wakefield

    I use the flip charts most of the time, but I have no idea where they get most of the pictures they use. Do they have a special source? They are not in pictures I have from the Distribution Center. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Mary

    This website ( has many pictures that can be used for Primary. Also has the Gospel Art Picture Kit and Book. Be careful about using non-Church approved pictures for Primary.

  • charlene

    I printed out the pictures from the last idea ( and will sticky tack the pictures around the Primary room. As we go through the song, I'll have a child find and place the picture on the chalkboard where it goes next to the words and choose a new child to find each picture. Once we have all of the pictures and sing it a couple times, I'll slowly begin taking the pictures away to help them memorize.

  • Cherilee Sorensen

    There are a lot of images that the church has produced and printed that are not included in the standard gospel art kit. You can find many wonderful pictures in the picture kits used for Primary and in the back of YM, YW manual as well as TONS of pictures from church magazines. If you don't have a copier or scanner yourself, you can look on sites like this one where others have been so kind as to scan them for us! Just look under the clip art section. They often will say where their clip art is taken from, so you'll know if it's "safe" to use. If it doesn't say, email them and ask. :)

  • Kathryn

    HELP! I was just called into a new Primary Presidency and since the previous presidency didn't make CD's for the kids of the Primary Songs for the Primary Program, we were going to do it for them.

    My kids get one every year and there are lots of ideas on this site for poems to go with the CD and other things, so I KNOW people are burning these to WHY OH WHY can't I??

    I've gone to and loaded the mp3 recordings to a play list, but it says that every song is "missing burn rights".

    I figure it has something to do with the songs being in an mp3 format...that's as far as I get on my own.

    Anyone want to enlighten me as to how to accomplish this seeimingly impossible task?


  • Erin  - My Febrary 2014 Singing Time Plan

    I just wanted to share my blog post with my February Singing Time Plan in case it will help anyone. You can find it on my blog here: february-2014-singing-ttime-ideas/

    I will be posting my Nursery Singing Time ideas for February within the next week.

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