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alt Watch the sign language video for this song from the Church's Website.  Scroll down and click on song.

alt Flipchart by JollyJenn

alt (Credit Unknown) See actions below:
If you don't walk as most people do (walk fingers along wrist and palm)
Some people walk away from you (walk fingers up thumb) 
But I won't, I won't (point to self and nod 'no')
If you don't talk as most people do (move fingers together as if 'talking', or point to mouth)
Some people talk and laugh at you (some talking gesture, or hand on tummy like you are laughing)
But I won't, I won't (same as before)
I'll walk with you (same action as before)
I'll talk with you (again same as before)
That's how I'll show my love for you (point to self, then cross arms across heart, then point outward)

alt (Idea by Melissa Hogue / ga11212011) Have each child get a partner and stand in pairs around the room. Have them walk in pairs around during the first section of the song when it says : “I’ll walk with you.” For the next section: “If you don’t talk as most people do, have the children face one another (still in their pairs) and sing to each other. For the next part” Jesus walked away from none have them freeze and turn towards everyone and sing. At the end they can walk when they hear: “I’ll walk with you..”

Some other ideas: For younger children have them walk around in a class, or sit in a chair and lift their feet like they are walking.

Hold up signs to walk or face your partner for reminders.

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