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shared by Jen Cherpeski / transferred from lds-youngwomen 

Last week's combined Young Women's activity was planned and completely carried out by a Laurel (with some help from her Beehive sister). We played Live Action Clue (like the board game, but each of the girls was a character, and we moved around the church building, like moving on the board game). It was a great success, and she did a marvelous job. She even changed the weapons so that they were specifically for Young Women -- very good sense of humor!: Personal Progress book, hymnbook, immodest clothing, YW torch, squeaky chalk (the chalk on the classroom boards always squeaks!), and a mini value flag (from our YW closet).  (She made the torches out of paper towel tubes with colored tissue paper flames coming out of the top. SO cute!! My favorite weapon!)  We encouraged the girls to come dressed as their favorite Clue character. Girls were arranged into teams of 6 (like the game), plus each team had a leader that was the sheriff to make sure the game was played correctly, keep it moving, and hold the "Confidential" envelope with the three cards of Who, What, Where. Each 7-person team was a game unto their own. They didn't interact with any of the other teams, just amongst themselves. Each team had their own bag of "weapons," Clue detective sheets (just like in the game, but changed to reflect the new weapons and rooms in the church), a set of nametags (to help out those who didn't dress up), a set of handmade Clue cards (made from half of index cards that also reflected the different rooms and weapons), pencils, and a dice. The game was played just as the board game, but when you rolled the die, if you rolled an even number, you could choose any room to move to, and if you rolled an odd number, you could move to one of the two rooms on either side of your current room. Once there, the girls would accuse whomever, hand them the weapon of choice, and then ask if someone had a card to show her to prove her wrong. (or however you do it in the rules of Clue...)


 Did you try this activity?  Did you vary it at all?  Do you have any ideas or suggestions for others that may try this activity?  E-mail me your comments or even pictures and I'll add them below...


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