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 Collected and contributed by Sharma Anderson / ga09212006

- A package of DUM-DUM SUCKERS, a sign made to look like a sucker that says: "My answer is YES! I'd be a Dum-Dum to not go with you to Prom." You stick the suckers all over the lawn and put the sign in the middle of them.

- Make a fake car license with YES on it and put it on his car with a note that he now has a license to a dance

- Make up a dance card with his name on every dance and send it to him letting him know you are committed to dance

- Fill oven mitts with candy and leave a note that says, "I have to ad"mitt" that I would love to go to the dance with you."

- Fill a juice pitcher up with candy canes (I guess this only works for a winter dance) and tie a tag around the pitcher handle that says "I can "pitcher" us raising a little "cane" at the dance! I would love to go" Of course since we are LDS this only works if your daughter is sarcastic and the boy knows her well enough to know that she is just being funny.

- Put a Squeeze-it drink and some Hershey's kisses in a basket or some other cute container and a note that says "here's a "squeeze" and a "kiss" to let you know that I am excited to go to the dance with you!"

- Fill a basket with popcorn balls and attach a note that says "I think we'll have a "ball" at the dance!"

- Hang strainers (the kind for cooking) from his bedroom ceiling and a banner that says "I couldn't re "strain" myself from saying YES!"

- Put cheese graters in his locker or bedroom and a note that says "I couldn't say no to a "grate" guy like you. I would love to go to the dance."

- Get a big glass jar or canister and fill it with colored pasta with a note hidden in the pasta that says "I would "pasta" tively love to go to the dance with you!"

- Arrange a cheese ball and crackers on a serving tray with a note that says "I don't mean to sound "cheesy" but I think we'll have a "ball" at the dance."

- One answer that I remember best was a box of chocolates from Mrs. Cavanaugh's. My name is Mindi and they just happen to make a "Mindy Mint" there. He had the box of chocolates delivered to me with a note that said I would find the answer in the chocolates. I wasn't smart enough to look at the key on the lid to see what kind of chocolates there were until I had bitten into about 10 of the chocolates without finding anything. I looked at the key and saw the "Mindy Mint" and the store had made the note right into the center of the chocolate so it looked perfect from the outside.

- Have a local pizza parlor make and deliver a pepperoni pizza spelling out YES.

- A basket full of dumdums (suckers) that says "I'd be a dumdum not to go with you."

- Inexpensive fish in a bowl (from Wal-Mart) and cover his bed with Swedish fishes. "Of all the fish in the sea, I'm glad you asked me!"

- Silk plant in a diaper or pull-up. "When you asked me to the dance, I got so excited I wet my plants!"

- One of my daughter's guy friends answered her by getting some of those glow in the dark plastic stars and sticking them on her ceiling in a big YES. She found them when she turned out the light to go to sleep.


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