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by Megan Mills / ga01292008

Megan has submitted a file folder game she created to go along with the Nursery Lesson #15, "The Sabbath is a day of worship".   Click here to open her file folder game.  It's a large file so please be patient as wait for it to open.  Instructions for making it are included at the end of the file.

Comments (5)
  • Fran

    This looks like a fun activity for my grandchildren. Thanks for the idea. I can see that this could be expanded to many different topics. I'm glad you decided to share this.

  • Veronica

    This is an awesome game just to have for FHE, but how do you play it? Did I miss out on where the directions for play are? Sorry :oops: Thanks!

  • Kait

    No I found them!!!!!!!!!! :P :D :lol: :eek:

  • Pattyann

    I feel like it is incomplete as far as how game is played, are there directions. Also is there numbers 1-5 pictures that talk about the creation.

  • Laurie

    I used one of the file folder games for my lesson a couple weeks ago and the kids in my nursery LOVED it! I'm so excited to use these games. Thanks so much for sharing these!
    I looked at Lesson #8 in the Behold Your Little Ones lesson manual and this game goes perfectly with the scripture activity. I'm going to turn this file folder game into a match game for my nursery kids.

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